The Coup of Tiberius refers to the successful overthrow of Thane Everen by Sir Tiberius and his followers in a coup d'état of the reigning government of Stromgarde, led by the lawspeaker Thane Everen Corelas.  The coup took place on May 17th, year K.C 623. The coup took place in the Arathorian Keep of Stromgarde, where Thane Everen led a petty court. The court itself was called into being to make a decision concerning the Dukedom of the city of Stromgarde. Initially, there were three men competing for Dukedom, but Sir Kormed Wolfheart dropped out, leaving only Highlord Baereus Williams and Sir Tiberius competing for the title.

Before long, Sir Tiberius questioned the authority of Thane Everen Corelas, standing upon the dais, directly before the Thane. Ignoring all urgings for him to step down, he challenged the Thane to speak the laws by which he obtained his power. The Thane began reciting the old laws of Arathor, to which Tiberius responded: "These laws are irrelevant!". The Thane once more asked the man to back down, and explained how he was appointed to his position by a magistrate of Danath Trollbane, but he still refused to remove himself of the Dais.

At the fear of violence, the Thane, along with Ferenold Stormshend, called for various knights and men to come to his defense, which they did. The Thane progressively retreated as one of Tiberius' men, named [Irth], continually stepped forward. Eventually Irth assailed Everen with a dagger, and at once many of the various men serving under Sir Tiberius began assaulting Everen. The Thane was pulled back by a large, plated Worgen, which stopped or mitigated many of the deadly attacks upon his person.

Hence a battle proceeded, in which a broad coalition of forces loyal to the Thane or in opposition to Sir Tiberius fought against those leading the coup. Amongst those supporting the Thane were the Tainted Legion, Sir Gabriel Mordime, the Cold Blood Company, Gear and Blade Ironworks, the Order of the Orchid, and the Arathian Covenant. The battle raged in the room of the petty court for nearly one hour and a half, in which nearly all of the Arathian Covenant were wounded, and in which Thane Everen was brought back to the city of Stormwind via a portal.

After ousting the remnants of Everen's supporters, Tiberius proclaimed himself the regent of Stromgarde, and gained the support of the Arathian Covenant, whom believed that Everen had dishonourably "left their men to die."

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