County of Ridgegarde
Redridge Three Corners




Redridge Mountains


Darith Isenhammer


10 000


Copper, Silver and Gold Ore






Human 8 000

Dwarf 1 000

High Elf 400

Gnome 600

The County of Ridgegarde is a holding of the edge of Elwynn Forest bordering the Redridge Mountains. Its main settlement is the small town of Ridgegarde located along the Redridge Mountain Range. Its main garrison for the Stormwind Army is Three Corners Garrison, a tower constructed by the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade and the inhabitants of Ridgegarde. Ridgegarde surrounds the tower. A small mine is operated to the north of the town. Ridgegarde is currently ruled by the newly returned, Lord Darith Isenhammer.

The Prestan RebellionEdit

Lord Prestan Avenforth, was the count of Ridgegarde, appointed by the King after the Kingdom of Stormwind had rebuilt. He was a modest man, but one that hungered for more power. He had set his sights on the Duchy of Stonewatch, that was currently Lordless, with it's current Lord fighting against the Plague that broke out in Lordaeron. As he mustered his men to take the Duchy by force, Lord-Protector Darith Isenhammer returned from the North, at a loss from the defeat and with his men, fortifying his position in the Ridge.

Prestan had lost his window to strike, and scurried back into his small hold waiting for the time to strike. Once the call had been sounded to sail to Northrend, the majority  of the forces of the Duchy went to fight. Another opportunity presented itself. Lord Avenforth claimed the steads and towns of the Duchy with swiftness, and then set his sights on the Keep.

The Keep being strategcally positioned was able to be held with a good garrison of fifty men or so. The partial ruins of the Keep were a slight disadvantage but the Keeps defenders still had the strategic position of being on a hill, with steep cliffs and rushing rapids.

Word had reached the Lord-Protector in Northrend and he sailed back with haste to Redridge. Upon the fields north of Stonewatch, the Knights of the Ridge clashed with Avenforth's forces and Prestan himself was defeated. A few days after, Darith lay claim to the County as a prize for his victory, and the traitorous Lord was imprisoned in the Dungeons.


Aside from bandits and Kobolds, nothing threatens this rather quiet County. Blackrock Orcs often wander further south, but are few in numbers, often quickly dispatched by the men-at-arms.

To not recently though, a Black Dragon has been spotted flying over the County, making his roost in the recently reclaimed, Dragonspire keep.The Dragon is a rumoured pet of the new Count, Lord-Knight Alister D'kere.

Lands and ProductionEdit

1000px-Redridge 071310 205344 - Kirkburn 12319

The Three Corners Garrison as it appears along the mountainside.

Three Corners Garrison, the main garrison of the County, houses a thousand Men-At-Arm, a battalion of the Stormwind Army and acts a watchpoint for any Bandit activity in the area.

Dragonspire Keep, recently reclaimed, by one of the Counties Knights from it's abandoned state lies within the mountain range on the border of Eastvale County. It is located due West of Lake Everstill and slightly North of Ridgegarde. It is currently the political seat of the County and main administrative hub. A hundred house Guards operate out of the Spire.

Ridgegarde, a large city and the main settlement of Seven Thousand. Mainly tailors and sheep herders, butchers, and farmers. They produce apples, barley and cloth for the Kingdom, focusing mainly on production of food. They trade barley for wheat with the Duchy of Stonewatch to add diversity to the diets of the inhabitants. In a good year, the farms surrounding the town can provide just over a thousand ton of barley to the region and to the greater Kingdom.

Ridgegarde mine, which is operated to the north of Ridgegarde. It runs deep under the earth is mined for its rich copper, silver and gold deposits.

Regions of Redridge

It has over two thousand workers allocated to extract the Ore.

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