Countess of Aberdeen is a hereditary title in the Stormwind Peerage, originally created as "Earl of Aberdeen" for Sir Charles McGowen just after the First Orcish War. The territorial designation refers to the quiet village of Aberdeen in Stormwind's Southern countryside. Upon McGowen's death in June of 624 K.C. the Earldom passed to his niece, Melysa Marwyn, styled "Lady Aberdeen" in her own right. On the controversial death of Melysa, a number of potential claimants to the title have arisen, including one of the legitimized bastards sired by Charles. The strongest claimant thus far, Nicholai Denholm-McGowen will soon be confirmed as the heir by the Aberdeen Trust.


A Stromic Knight of no small renown, Sir Charles was the second son of one of Stromgard's Barons, James McGowen. Because at the time, Stromic law prohbited second sons from inheriting, when his brother, James II inherited their father's lands and title in Stromgarde, Sir Charles migrated to Stormwind with his wife, Annette, and their household. He became an officer in Stormwind's Army, and was ennobled shortly after the first war for his role in holding back the Orcish Horde so that citizens of Stormwind might escape to Lordaeron. Sir Charles held the title until his death at the age of 86 in June of 624 K.C. With no children of his own, the title passed instead to his niece, Melysa Marwyn, daughter of his sister, Lady Lizabet.

Land HoldingsEdit

The Earldom came with 5,000 acres of Stormwind's Southern Countryside, including the tiny village of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Castle, and a single property in Stormwind, known as Aberdeen House


Relatively poor in comparison to most of Stormwind's aristocracy, the Earldom had little income, save for its two tenant farms, a handful of rental cottages, and an apple orchard just West of the Castle. A small vineyard was added in recent years.

Coat of ArmsEdit

Aberdeen Coat of Arms