The Council of Lakeshire was a council formed shortly after the reclamation of Stormwind after the Second War. With the absence of the Lords of the Province, civilians came together and founded the small organization. It is headed by Magistrate Solomon


They worked on petitionning Stomrwind for troops, and aid, as well as ruled the land before The Cataclysm. Their basic functions were that of Lords. They governed Redridge, and insured it's prosperity as a Province of Stormwind.

Return of the LordsEdit

After the War in Northrend, many Lords and their armies returned. With the seat at Stonewatch taken up again, and several other Counties and Marches with Lords, the council's power was reduced to simple buisness matters. The Lord's of the Lands were given seats at the council, and the gatherings are mainly concerning funding for roadwork, and building projects, seeing as most of the Military movement was taken care of by the lords.


Known members include:

Magistrate Solomon (Head of the Council)

Lord-Protector Darith Isenhammer (Seating member)

As well a merchants and craftsmen of Lakeshire

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