Charles McGowen,
1st Earl of Aberdeen
Charles McGowen
Charles, Lord Aberdeen

Date of Birth:

March 10th, 538 K.C.
(Aged 86 Years)

Noble House:

House of McGowen


Earl of Aberdeen


Stormwind Peerage
House of McGowen


James McGowen I †
Chloe McGowen †


Annette McGowen †


Nicholai (Bastard Son)
Anastasia (Bastard Daughter)
Regina (Bastard Daughter)

Other Relations:

James McGowen II † (Brother)
Liam Marwyn † (Nephew)
Melysa Marwyn (Niece)
Merridyth Marwyn (Grand Niece)
Hugh McGowen (Cousin)
Gavin Marwyn † (Cousin)
Varyc Marwyn † (Cousin)



Charles McGowen, or "Lord Aberdeen" as he was later known in Stormwind was a hero of the First Orcish War. A Stromic Knight of no small renown, Sir Charles was the second son of one of Stromgard's Barons, James McGowen. Because at the time, Stromic law prohbited second sons from inheriting, when his brother, James II inherited their father's lands and title in Stromgarde, Sir Charles migrated to Stormwind with his wife, Annette, and their household. He became an officer in Stormwind's Army, and was ennobled shortly after the first war for his role in holding back the Orcish Horde so that citizens of Stormwind might escape to Lordaeron. Sir Charles held the title Earl of Aberdeen until his death at the age of 86 in June of 624 K.C. With no legitimate children of his own, the title passed instead to his niece, Melysa Marwyn, daughter of his sister, Lady Lizabet. After her death, one of Charles' bastards, Nicholai has laid claim to the title, although his claim has not yet been recognized by the Aberdeen Trust.

Titles and OfficesEdit

Earl of Aberdeen
Preceded by
First Creation
Charles McGowen Succeeded by
Melysa Marwyn
Marshal of Aberdeen
Preceded by
Sir Jacob Westmont
Charles McGowen Succeeded by
Melysa Marwyn


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