Charlene Milidynes
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Battlepriestlogo Battle Cleric Novice


Camille Juliss Itheca (At birth)
18 April, 15 L.C.; (Aged 23)
Braided Maiden, South Seas


Human-crest Human


Last Song of L'ura
Mother to the Lost
Rahj's Radiance

Commander of the Warforged
The Hand of Kentillie
CEO of the Crossfire Company
Heiress of House Itheca
Countess of Claywick
Lord Foreign; House of Nobles

"Little Uldum Treasure" (Sobriquet)
‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ • Darlin' (Favorite Sobriquet)

Former Titles


Poisonous Plant Cultivator
Very Human, Gnomish Engineer


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance
Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army (8 years)

(& Former Affiliations)

TSV Standard The Silver Vanguard

AotL Army of the Light
Kingdom of Stormwind Icon Kingdom of Stormwind

Stormwindbanner Stormwind House of Nobles
Banner of the Kul Tiras Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Kul Admiralty Board of Kul Tiras
Kul Kul Tiras House of Nobles

DuchyofKentillie Duchy of Kentillie

Alterac Icon The Citrine Eagle
Theblackbraids The Black Braids
Su ornament Sukad Tribe
Church Icon Church of the Holy Light
Silver Hand Icon Order of the Silver Hand
VibrantRavenshieldCOA zpscb6cde12 House of Ravenshield
CrossfireCompany The Crossfire Company

Immediate Relatives:

Stormwind Flag Johanna Milidynes (Mother)
Kul Tiras Flag Thiago Itheca (Father)
Stromicflag Barretin Denare (Fiancé)

See Itheca Relatives

Kul Tiras Flag

Theola the Victor (Grandma)
Matheus Itheca (Grandpa)



Holy Light;
CotHL Church of the Holy Light

Lawful Good

Signature &




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"No matter what happens, you have to find something to keep on fighting for."
This page is a MAJOR work in progress! Anything and everything is subject to change.

Charlene Milidynes, (Born Camille Juliss Itheca, 18 April, 16 L.C) is a Stormwind raised combatant serving underneath the banner of the Grand Alliance. Only recently has she discovered her true Kul Tiran ancestry after a Bloodsail Buccaneer's confession led her biological parents to believe that their stolen newborn wasn't murdered, but instead recovered back by her mother's protective family, who hoped the infant would find a better home away from her two conquering, formerly pirating, sea faring parents, Johanna and Thiago Itheca.

The young woman is a very ambitious member of the Milidynes Family, and with her new acceptance into the House of Itheca, she currently presides over the Kul Tiran County of Claywick, meanwhile being both the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Crossfire Company and the Hand of Kentillie, however, as the Hand of Kentillie her job mostly revolves around assisting her close friend, Duchess Bronwynn Branson.

Inspired by the events on the fallen planet of Argus, she, Bronwynn Branson and Avalon Chambers have pledged to command The Silver Vanguard as the mighty three of the Silver Vanguard Triumvirate; Milidynes taking up the mantle of the Commander of the Warforged.

In-between juggling endless lessons of politics, plant life, Clerical and Holy Light studies; she often converses with her estranged father on ships and wishes to learn how to pilot one- speaking on piloting, recently Charlene's Engineering interests were peaked by air borne contraptions. However, her ancient Gnome mentors, Crendy Gearweaver and Digitmi Sparkspitter are able to smack any flying ideas from coming to light.

Biography WoW Icon 16x16 Bc icon Wrath-Logo-Small-0 Cataclysm-Logo-Small Mists-Logo-Small Warlords-Logo-Small Legion-Logo-Small Edit

Infancy (15 L.C - 17 L.C) Edit

The Beginning WoW Icon 16x16 Edit

''From the girl who concealed the holes in her worn garments with wild flowers after deciding her thread best stitched her crumpling book, and the boy who refused his pre-written, ancestral destiny, when even the skies roared for his obedience.''

A New Family Edit

A new, old Family?

Childhood (17 L.C to 27 L.C) Edit

Entry Engineering Edit


Wrath of the Lich King Wrath-Logo-Small-0 Edit

Azeroth goes to war against the Lich King, all are affected, and the world-wide pain is not exuded from the youth. When a familiar face falls, and rises up as as Scourge: "Feelings are precious, do not forget them. To a friend."

Dawn of Duty Edit

Charlene enters the Alliance Military at the mere age of 15 behind her parent's back.

Adolescence (27 L.C to 33 L.C) Edit

The Cataclysm Cataclysm-Logo-Small Edit

The end of all comes to Azeroth once more, and when Deathwing attacks Stormwind City, Charlene is sent away to the country side to "safety" in case of another attack on the Alliance capital. The young girl does not find the expected protection but instead the..

House of Horrors Edit

Not all is what it seems, a warm house of "safety" can be a house of horrors to ones with strong eyes. The rose sprouted it's first thorns of defense and the lovely flower learned how to stand against the plague of Human evil.

Adulthood (33 L.C - Present) Edit

Expedition to Pandaria Mists-Logo-Small Edit

New land always means new opportunity. Or does it?

The Warlords of Draenor Warlords-Logo-Small Edit

She might not be a warlord, she might just be a teen, but she doubts in herself, because she is "just" Charlene.

The Argent Assembly Edit

The Act of Neutrality.

Fall of Everlast Edit

"One job." But it's not all that simple. The Fall of Everlast tests just how much strength Charlene has in her spirit.

The Tempest Born Edit

The tempest waters were too soothing for the hurricane boiling within the stagnant woman. The world was at war and Charlene continued to do nothing to aid it's end. The decision between being an average civilian or a military woman came into question. A life of normality, or a life of unpredictability.

Dune Duchess Edit

A revelation, two pirates and a sandy toed experience.

Rajh's Rage Edit

Rage can be sculpted into energy fed into perseverance, Charlene is the unintentional focus of the slain titian construct spirits of Uldum's Halls of Origination.

The Legion's Return Legion-Logo-Small Edit

Here we go again.

Crowning the Uncrowned Edit

This wasn't in the manual.

A new beginning in the Ashen East Edit

Thankfully, Charlene loves milk.

Hand of Kentillie Edit

Call me beep me, when you wanna reach me.-Christina Milian

Argus Edit

To rid the universe of an infestation, one must travel to it's hive.

Army of the Light Edit


The way of the Battle Cleric Edit


Countess of Claywick Edit



Disposition Edit

  • Endearing Traits: Ambitious, Compassionate, Resourceful, Loyal, Good Natured, and Hard-Working.
  • Negative Traits: Self-Conscious, Impatient, Moody, Soft shelled, Unpolished, and Emotional.

Personality Edit

Charlene's personality varies from person to person, and the situation she's currently facing. Usually, the woman is friendly and open to converse with almost anyone.

Religious Beliefs Edit

Personal Loyalties Edit

The Alliance Edit

The Horde Edit

Charlene cannot bring herself to despise an entire race, as lumping everyone together into one group is unfair, but she distrust, and dislike the Horde due to her own experiences, ideals, and growing up in Stormwind City.

Neutral and Independent Organizations Edit

Romantic Relationships and Marriage Edit

Physical Description Edit

"Child, you have your grandfather's eyes, what he had in him, an unyielding stubborn spark of fire, you have in you."- Grandma, Yvette Milidynes.

Basic Statistics Edit

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Physique: Athletically Toned.
  • Hair Color: Duskwood Black.
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown.

Where did one begin to formulate words in the vivid description of Charlene Milidynes? Perhaps one could start with the woman's deep tender eyes. Hidden beneath the glossy aphotic abyss of a dark brown color, laid an abundance of buried altruism and sincere passion. She was an overflowing Ochre starfire, this radiated from her person very visibly through the soft lutescent skin of rich obsidian shades, red velvet crimson colored blushes and rare bashful light freckled flusters.

The young maiden did not hold a perfect visage, Charlene was a Human; she was imperfect, and for all one knows, that is what made her beautiful to the heart and mind of others. Below her lashes, the woman's round, fleshy, russet washed, cheeks sat predominately on her face with a dark copper bistre umber hue; surrounding a broad nose sculpted into her baby-like face.


Charlene's form was one shaped for close combat, while her height was not ideal for her combative position, Milidynes made it work. The history of the woman's warfare laid enclosed within her body, as most visible scars were frequently smoothed out with rigorous creams and herbal lotions. The layers of healed cuts, and re-cemented bones spoke their turn to empower the woman in her never ending pursuit for greatness.

The resilience of Charlene's body was true to her spirit in the way that it always found a manner of survival, even in the worse of circumstances. She was Stormwindian and Tirasian, of course! Bred of two distinct Human nations, but birthed on the treacherous seas and raised in one great nation.

While in her teen years, Charlene often found her own body shape a subject of concern. The Milidynes Family was a line that inherited many distinguishable physical traits, one of them being ample curves around the breasts and backside, something she was rather self conscious of. However, after the teenager grew into a woman, she had finally accepted her shape and immersed herself in her work.


Armor And Weaponry Edit

Under Construction.
Charlene Milidynes and SIlvwin Saltz on Argus

Charlene Milidynes and SIlvwin Saltz.

Constructed Armor Edit

Armaments and Collective Equipment Edit

Weaponry Edit

Casual Attire Edit

  • Under Construction.

Items of Note Edit

Under Construction.

Charlene's Garter.

Companions Edit


Aides Edit


Pets Edit


Mounts Edit

  • Warmaster!: The overly named mechanical steel steed treadblade on two long wheels.

Notable Individuals and the Milidynes Family Edit

The Milidynes Family: Edit


Aged 20.

There's... a lot! (Under Construction.)

Friends: Edit

Where do we begin? She has a few! (Under Construction.)


Barretin Denare

John Kilvas

Bronwynn Branson

Avalon Chambers

Al Roe Wright

Romantic Relationships: Edit

Charlene has unfortunately had very little romantic experiences, opting to choose her career over a love life despite not shying away from a witty conversation that eventually floats into witty verbal flirtation. While Milidynes has dated, she has only had two very strong and notable relationships.

Charlene with Barretin Denare.

Barretin Denare: Edit

Charlene and Barretin are currently engaged. Initially meeting one another under the Argent service of House Ravenshield, the plated fisherman and the braided scout merely became friends after Denare offered the woman delicious Pandaren cuisine made from the fish he had recently caught. Their romance would not commence until years after knowing one another, and only succeeding after a long separation from one another after the Fall of Everlast. A warm summer night recruitment session ended in the two finally showing their deep care for one another after another woman made jestful advances on Barretin. The two have been grown to love one another, so much so, that Denare has given Charlene a beautiful gemmed engagement ring that he had forged himself to go along with her promise ring. In his own words, Charlene has captured him, "hooked, line, and sinker!"

Gradgalan Arundel: Pushed forward by Dilan Ravenshield's wife, Varissa, Charlene's first romantic experience was taken by Gradgalan Arundel. Arundel was a skilled, but alcoholic, Argent Mage with an overly emotional and physical attachment to Charlene. He was quick to show his overly dramatic and very jealous nature, leading Charlene to break away from the possessive Arundel in the middle of 35 L.C. However, the troubled man took his own life shortly after it was apparent that Charlene had escaped his control. In a true Gradgalan fashion, Arundel had his decomposed corpse sent to Charlene, with a note reading: "I loved you and you left me."

Enemies: Edit

Charlene has no notable enemies that can be singled out at the moment. However, she does have opponents which she wishes to help destroy, the universal foes; the Burning Legion, the Old Gods, and any other unnamed evil.

Military Service Career Edit

Appearances of War Edit

Under Construction.

  • War against the Lich King
  • Attack on Stormwind City (31 L.C.)
  • More coming, doing the math, hold on!

Medals: Edit

Eight years of dedicated service.
Stormwind Royal Red Cross Distinguished Service Cross Grand Cross of Service Conspicuous Service Cross MedalofPatience Stormwind Long Service Medal Stormwind Prisoner of War Medal KC5 Physician's Medal
Stormwind Foreign Legion Medal AnduinCoronationMedal VarianReignMedal VarianCoronationMedal ArgusCampaignMedal BrokenIslesLegionfallSuramarStormheim&BrokenShore IronHordeCampaignMedal FourthWarCampaignMedal LichKingCampaignMedal

Ribbons: Edit

ConspicuousServiceRibbon DistinguishedServiceCrossRibbon RoyalRedCrossRibbon
SLSM 5 Prisoner of War Medal Ribbon KGCRibbon
Physician's Medal Ribbon AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon w Sword Varian Reign Ribbon w Sword
Varian Coronation Ribbon ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon BrokenIslesRibbon
DraenorCampaignRibbon Alliance-HordeRibbon NorthrendCampaignRibbon
KGC(5) King Anduin Coronation Medal King Varian Reign Medal King Varian Coronation Medal Argus Campaign Medal
Broken Isles Campaign Medal Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal Fourth War Campaign Medal War against the Lich King Campaign Medal

Offices Held & Positions of Power Edit

Charlene Milidynes is known to be a very ambitious woman who has fallen, failed, climbed, and succeed many times.

Current Ranks

TSV Standard The
Silver Vanguard:

Commander of the Warforged

CotHL Church:
of the Holy Light

Battle Cleric Novice

TAEWolf Duchy of Kentillie

Hand of Kentillie
The Hand of Kentillie

Crossfirecompany02 The Crossfire Company:

CEO of the Crossfire Company

Military: Edit

Charlene has been within the Alliance Military since the age of 15.

TSV Standard
Commander of the Warforged
Preceded by
Position Created
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by
Hand of Kentillie
Preceded by
Adam Cunningham
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by
Scout Captain of Everlast
Preceded by
Pirth Blackwood
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by
Position Abolished

Entrepreneurship: Edit

The House of Itheca
No Image Available
Coat of Arms/Armorial under construction.


Kul Tiras Flag Kingdom of Kul Tiras


"Steadfast in Honor or Kinless."


Transmant Castle


No Image Available
Under Construction.

The small business was established on September 1st, 38 L.C.

CEO of the Crossfire Company
Preceded by
Position Established
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by


Countess of Claywick
Preceded by
Isabelle Armenta
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by
Heir of the House of Itheca
Preceded by
Renatus Pritchard
Charlene Milidynes Succeeded by

Charlene, as Camille, is the heiress of the House of Itheca; and as such, inherits the Kul Tiran Duchy of Anchor's Reach, the Duchy of the Tenoch Isles and the island ports of Oatsport and Edgewater. With Tenoch tradition, Charlene will be due to take the honorary title of Warmaster by the female division of warriors called the Tenoch Warwomen.

Ventures & Projects Edit

Milidynes Lotions and Potions

Milidynes lotions concoctions.

Milidynes Orphanage:

Crossfire Company:

Milidynes Lotions and Potions:

Safety in Coal Mining Coalition:

Combat Characteristics Edit

(For my own fun, inspired by the Mortal Combat wiki!)

Fighting Style Edit

Movesets Edit


Special Moves Edit


Weaknesses Edit

Intriguing Qualities Edit


Quirks Edit

Skills Edit

Talents Edit

Professions Edit

Under construction

Quotes Edit

By Charlene Edit

  • "I'd say to never give up the possibility of peace, no one can force your hand, only you can move it."
  • "Having everything is much harder than having nothing."
  • "I'm mean as Fel and I burn much worse." - to a rude stranger.
  • "I'd love to listen. I may not be a elf, but I'm all ears." - to Avalon Chambers.
  • "Light give me patience, for if you give me strength.. I'm gonna.. kick.." - to bad kids.
  • "Isn't it strange how fate finds a way to bind us together? Unknown forces weaving fate, only to be slightly altered by those who choose to take another path, other than what fate tells us to do."
  • "It was between you and me.. I chose you."
  • "I'm sorry, mother nature called, and she had a lot to say."

About Charlene Edit

  • "A Stormwind without Charlene is like a garden without flowers." - Unknown poet.

Gallery Edit

Under Collection.

Character Playlist Edit

Get ready to hear songs that are both slammin' and completely not in sync genre wise! These tracks are mostly what I enjoy hearing, with the overall "feel" of Charlene's character personality.

Trivia Edit

IC Trivia Edit

  • Charlene's loves Blue Berries.
  • Charlene's favorite meal consists of plain Pandaren rice, spicy noodles, fresh vegetables, Stormwind Chicken roast, Apple or Orange juice and Chocolate cake.
  • Charlene has a bad habit of eating too quickly.
  • Charlene is a very affectionate person, and this sometimes is misunderstood as flirty due to her physical "huggy" nature especially when a friend is going through a hard time.
  • During Charlene's menstruation, she's prone to dizziness and in rare, and extreme cases, she can faint.
  • Charlene is slightly farsighted, and finds eyewear helpful to read or work on her machinery. However, this is a well kept secret. Her "glasses" are usually hidden beneath thick goggles.

OOC Trivia Edit

  • Charlene was originally just going to be a simple Scout from Stormwind City, but I that found basic backstories were not very fun and I didn't want to begin another character. I loved Charlene too much and thus, the entire "stolen child" story started. :D
  • Charlene and her creator share the same birthday because I kept forgetting her IC birthday.
  • Possible names for the character were: Milly Milidynes and Vivian Milidynes but Charlene took the cake!
  • Charlene's personality and appearance was inspired by Spanish and Portuguese songs I listened to as a small child.
  • I tried my best to create a character who was dynamic with multiple layers of feel and emotion, hopefully I was able to capture the very best of Humanity in her perfectly flawed persona.

Contact Information Edit

IC Contact Information Edit

Want to RP with Charlene? Here's some ways to contact her/run into her!

Charlene is always busy, she's usually never in Stormwind City.

Under Construction! (As everything on this page.)

OOC Contact Information Edit

  • Moon Guard Message wall.
  • Ingame: (Milidynes). No alt letters required!
  • Stratogale90#1423 (Bnet).
  • Fortune-Cookie-Reader#9353 (Discord).

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