Charlene Itheca-Milidynes
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Human-crest Human


Braided Maiden, South Seas
April 18th, 15 L.C.; (Age 23)



L'ura's Last Lament
Mother to the Lost


Lordaeron Icon Remnant of Lordaeron
Silver Hand Icon Order of the Silver Hand
LightswornIcon House of Lightsworn
Church Icon Church of the Holy Light
Stormwind Icon Kingdom of Stormwind
Kul Tiras Small Kingdom of Kul Tiras
House of Itheca-Milidynes Icon House of Itheca-Milidynes
AotL2 Army of the Light
Tenoch War-Women Icon Tenoch War-Women
Argent Crusade Icon Argent Crusade (Formerly)

Immediate Relatives

Stormwindian - Tirasian

Thiago Itheca (Father)
Johanna Milidynes (Mother)

More Family

Stormwind Flag

Aloysius Milidynes (Grandpa)
Yvette Milidynes (Grandma)
Frederick Milidynes (Uncle)
Jalaycian Milidynes (Cousin)
Rosemary Milidynes (Cousin)
Connor Milidynes (Cousin)
Carver Milidynes (Uncle)
Dalton Milidynes (Cousin)
Beatrice Penholt (Cousin)
Martin Milidynes (Cousin)
Nicholas Milidynes (Cousin)
Liza Watkins (Aunt)
Gaven Watkins (Cousin)

Kul Tiras Flag

Theola the Victor (Grandma)
Matheus Itheca (Grandpa)
Dyana Itheca (Aunt)
Lavinia Itheca (Aunt)
Aislara Pritchard (Aunt)
Renatus Pritchard (Cousin)



Holy Light;
CotHL Church of the Holy Light

Lawful Good

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Unavailable By Maxen





Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army

Years of Service

28 L.C. - 30 L.C. (Stormwind Army)
30 L.C. - 31 L.C. (Argent Crusade)
31 L.C. - 36 L.C. (Stormwind Army)
36 L.C. - Present (Grand Alliance)


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The Duchy of Edgeshore
Edgeshore Coat of Arms

Major Settlements

Sol Helocsa · Grand Celona · Unarith City

Notable Territories

Moondusk Erast · Amun'gale Forest · The Creaseth Grasslands · Estersea Cliff · Riversoul Mountains · Stormsgrad Fjords · Mossvale Reach


The Tenochtri · The Tenoch-War-Women · Circle of the Sea · Order of the Silver Anchor · Thirteenth Fleet · KT Marines

Notable People

Donava Itheca · Dyana Itheca · Charlene Itheca

Champion's Theme | Voice Reference

We are our actions, far more than our words.
Lady Charlene Itheca-Milidynes, (Born Camille Juliss Itheca, 18 April, 15 L.C.) is a Stormwind raised soldier serving underneath the banner of the Grand Alliance. She is the squire of Ailos Lightsworn and aspirant of the Holy Order within the Remnant of Lordaeron. Of both Stormwindian and Tirasian heritage, the ambitious engineer stands as the wealthy heiress of the March of Anchor's Reach and the Duchy of Edgeshore.

Illegally joining the military at the tender age of 13, Charlene is most known for the ten years of military duty she's given to the Grand Alliance; seven of those years dedicated to the Stormwind Army. Charlene has also been in the service of the Argent Crusade for a short time, allowing her to participate in the historical Argent Tournament on 31 L.C.

Abridged Biography Edit

Early Life and Upbringing Edit

The Black Braided Maiden was a vessel that carried many great treasures coveted by greedy pirates and hungry sea monsters originating from old Kul Tiran tales of violent waters. Sunrise found itself beaming down on the small naval caravan of Black Braid pirates peacefully for the first time in what seemed like weeks. Amidst the husky chatter and clinks of celebratory hard beer flagons, a small but distinct cry of life emanated from the captain's bedchamber. A small, slightly bald, wrinkled-faced baby with short wispy hair was welcomed into the turbulent world of Azeroth. Her name was Camille Juliss, the newborn daughter of Thiago Itheca, and his wife that didn't take his last name, Johanna Milidynes. The babe's visage was puffy and her eyes dopey from being embraced in her mother's womb for nine months.

Johanna, her husband, and the crew aboard the Braided Maiden were not alone on this particular voyage. The Bloodsail Buccaneers trailed the Black Braid's along the dangerously occupied South Seas in a so-called truce to get the better upper hand in whatever came their way traveling east to the haven of Booty Bay. Peace would not be held under the orders of Liza Watkins, Johanna's sister. Watkins was an unstable woman who bribed the Bloodsail Buccaneers with a glorified amount of gold to kidnap the child Johanna brought to light that chilly morning. Their job was not to kill the infant but to bring her to her own salvation, to Liza herself. Watkins' deranged mind had a plan to pass off the infant as her own recently deceased son, Gaven.

An uneasy shot rang out in the bitter cold, and soon havoc erupted as the Bloodsail Buccaneers and their hidden mercenaries attacked the Black Braided vessels. Unaccounted by the Black Braids, the Bloodsail Buccaneers were armed to the teeth with varying new weaponry and technologically superior cannons. The attack called the "Standoff of Blood Cold Waters" would last for 3 hours and result in the successful capture of the newly born child. Watkins had won this battle but she would not win the war, her means of funding the wicked task came from the murder and robbery of her lover, Sir Ernest Plaugher. Watkins would hang in the Stormwind gallows 3 days after being convicted of the Knight's murder and the small baby would be passed to Carver Milidynes, Liza's older brother.

Taking pity on the small infant, and unable to give a blood relative to an orphanage; Carver decided to adopt the child in hopes of both giving the Milidynes baby a home, while also lessening the family's dishonor of his sisters, the disobedient pirate Johanna and the "insane" Liza. Documenting the child as "Charlene", the baby would remain under the care of the Milidynes Family and would not know of her true heritage for well over 22 years. The sudden and unexpected addition of an unfamiliar babe into a household would bitter the hearts of many, but in this case, Charlene became the heart of her adoptive parents. The girl would not realize that the man and woman she believed were her mother and father, were in actuality her uncle and her aunt.

Childhood (17 L.C. to 27 L.C.) Edit

From an early age, it was determined that Charlene possessed an immense and ardent dedication to the discovery of new things. Her adoptive parents reluctantly fed her growing insatiable appetite for wandering by not only acting as her guardians that were the source to mute her ever burning flame of curiosity but also a powerful guidance for her to pursue multiple paths of caged careers that would lead her away from the life of battle and war. The Milidynes were known to dedicate their lives to the art of progressing one's station in either military duty or by more civil manners, such as political pursuits or entrepreneurship. The family's more notable businesses were the Milidynes Morgues.

As well as being respectful citizens, the Stormwindian Milidynes were expected to excel in presenting themselves with an air of respect and wealth that did not involve them needing to be dripping with expensive jewels. Dressing immaculately proved difficult for the messy Charlene, and so would holding her witty tongue back in certain situations. The Milidynes were rich, not in their worldly wealth, but in their ability to hold intellectual conversations, and to inspire intrigue to whomever laid eyes and attention on them. Charlene would be quietly taught this as she traveled with her parents to and from the long liturgies given every Sunday within the stone walls of the Cathedral of the Holy Light.

Entry Engineering Edit

Charlene would begin her path of Gnomish Engineering from the tender age of eight. The child was mentored by two Gnome eccentrics by the names of Crendy Gearweaver and Digitmi Sparkspitter. The trio of short individuals would grow to care for one another and rather quickly, Charlene would be nicknamed "The Human Gnome" and "The Honorable Gnome". The creative Charlene amused the two by the way the young girl was able to understand complicated equations yet over thought things and got lost in simpler calculations. The insecurities of not being on the same intellectual stand of Gnomes affected Charlene greatly, however, Digitmi often encouraged the girl to not be held back by one's own mind and this only furthered Charlene's dedication to never hold herself back with fear of failure. Despite Charlene no longer being a student, the three tinkerers continue to speak to one and often help her create varying gadgetry that aids her in combat.

The Third War (23 L.C. - 25 L.C.) Edit

With the happenings of the Third War, Charlene's father Carver left and came from deployment. At the man's peak of hardship, Charlene was increasingly told if she valued her life she would remain away from military duty to live a normal civilian life. Charlene being the spunky and independent twelve-year-old child did not like to be told what to do in her life and disliked the idea of becoming a regular citizen. She often reminisced about the war stories of great Milidynes warriors, such as Aloysius Milidynes lyrically told by her family. Even at this young of an age, she already bared dreams of great honor and fame. She too wished to be greatly remembered for her actions of bravery and cunning. With her own headstrong mind, Charlene at the age of 13 was determined to join the Grand Alliance military and so she did in 28 L.C.

The Dawn of Duty (28 L.C. - 30 L.C.) Edit

Dark Times & The Burning Crusade Edit

Charlene enters the Alliance Military at the mere age of 13 behind the back of her perceived parents. Lying about her age, the girl adamantly runs out from her home at dawn in order to pursue glory at an unexpected age.

Physical Description Edit

Basic Statistics Edit

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Physique: Athletically Toned
  • Hair Color: Duskwood Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown

Upon first glance, it was obvious that Charlene possessed more of her Stormwindian mother's characteristics over her Tirasian father’s features. Her short height of 5’4, her dark brown skin and her thick hair largely reflected her pirating mother’s physique. However, Charlene lacked the stern aura that her mother usually presented to most people. Instead, Charlene's aura was one of empathy; a tender spirit in its most sincere form. Her eyes were a glossy aphotic abyss of a deep coffee color, beneath that laid an abundance of buried altruism and sincere passion. She was an overflowing Ochre Starfire, this radiated from her person very visibly through the soft luminescent skin of rich obsidian shades, red velvet crimson colored blushes and rare bashful light freckled flusters.

The young maiden did not hold a perfect visage, Charlene was a Human; she was imperfect, and for all one knows, that is what made her lovely to the heart and mind of others. Below her lashes, the woman's round, fleshy, russet washed cheeks sat predominately on her face with a dark copper bistre umber hue; surrounding a large broad nose sculpted into her baby-like face. The Milidynes enjoyed humoring their large features, most notably their lips, claiming they were sculpted with bulky lips to better kiss their loved ones according to the mythical legend of Æthelberht Milidynes.


Charlene's form was one shaped for close combat, while her short height was not ideal for her combative position, Milidynes made it work. The history of the woman's warfare laid enclosed within her body, as most visible scars were frequently smoothed out with rigorous creams and herbal lotions. The layers of healed cuts and re-cemented bones spoke their turn to empower the woman in her never-ending pursuit for greatness. Yet not every single mark of trauma left her body, nor were they easily hidden, these stubborn scars continued to cling to her skin like annoying burrs. The resilience of Charlene's physical vessel was true to her spirit in the way that it always found a manner of survival, even in the worse of circumstances. She was Stormwindian and Tirasian, of course!

While in her teen years, Charlene often found her own body shape a subject of concern. The Milidynes Family was a line that inherited many distinguishable physical traits, one of them being ample curves around the breasts and backside, something she was rather self-conscious of. However, after the teenager grew into a woman, she would accept the well-rounded shape she could never rid herself of.

The third most notable feature on Charlene's person was the texture of her hair. She held what most Milidynes scions held instead of straight tresses, Charlene bared thick, coarse, spongy locks of soft hair. It was coiled, cloud-like, and only tamed when braided into neat rows. On formal events, her dense hair cascaded down her crown-area adorned in golden ringlets reminiscent of a Tanari design. Charlene rarely ever wore her hair down freely, as it would take a life of its own and raise itself in all directions, declaring itself a lush halo of hair around her noggin.

As a child, Carver Milidynes always reminded the young girl of keeping a good posture while maintaining a good code of cleanliness and respect. This upbringing has not left her, and as a military woman, Charlene is almost habitually standing up straight while keeping both of her arms at her sides. However, the woman enjoyed giving a toothy grin with a deep earthy cinnabar tinged shimmer on her lips to anyone whom caught her staring at them.

Armor & Weaponry Yes Edit

Constructed Armor Edit

Charlene wears a suit of well-kept armor, along with a belt of Gnomish gadgets that lined her hips and a squire satchel thrown over her right shoulder. Her libram was kept inside of the satchel, as well as other miscellaneous items from a wrapped sandwich and canteen, to a book detailing a small portion of medical practices.

Armaments and Collective Equipment Edit

  • Gnomish Belt
    • Under Construction!
  • The trusty mouth-guard, Charlene cannot lose her teeth.

Weaponry Edit

As a squire, Charlene has no notable named weapons at the moment. She simply wields her favored axe, or hammer along with a sturdy shield.

Aides Edit

  • Peticon-magicalPeticon-waterPeticon-elemental Isiset's Three Eyes: Something with a small spark of Arcane, ever rarely used, this item often backfires.

Disposition Yes Edit

  • Endearing Traits: Ambitious, Compassionate, Resourceful, Loyal, and Hard-Working.
  • Negative Traits: Meddlesome, Impatient, Moody, Anxious, and Emotional.

Personality Edit

Charlene is known to be a whimsically ambitious woman who aspires to succeed in whatever path she chooses to go down. The heiress is a very amiable individual, who often shows a touch too much of affectionate endearment to whatever, or whomever she speaks to. Her personality often changes from person to person, but at her worst times, Charlene is seen as an emotional Human with impatient tendencies stemming from her anxious and moody nature. In her best of times, which is her usual mood, Charlene is hailed as a compassionate, yet hard-working Human with a resourceful and brilliant tactical mind. The woman's independent mind sometimes steers over being meddlesome, meddling in political disputes by sharing her own views on such subjects loudly.

As a squire, and a future woman of power, Charlene is determined to reshape some of her more unruly temperament. The heiress is shown to be a very headstrong person in regards to keeping true to herself, and sincerity in general. Charlene is frequently corrected by her mentor when her witty tongue gets the better hand of her. Slowly, the woman is showing more self-control and discipline than ever displayed. She is shown to be quite charismatic under the correct environment, easily swaying the Kul Tiran Duchy of Edgeshore into accepting her as their future ruling figure after a three-week tour by appealing to their desire for the Grand Alliance. Charlene is also responsible for various horrid jokes told within the ranks of the Remnant of Lordaeron.

Religious Beliefs Edit


Charlene calling upon the Holy Light.

Charlene has always held faith in the Holy Light, despite her denomination changing during certain segments of tribulation within the Church of the Holy Light. She is currently a tolerant subscriber of the Church of the Holy Light and has no issues with individuals who hold membership of another religion that is not based in radical ideology nor the exaltation of dark deities. The woman often leans to her own actions and tactical planning instead of sheer luck or divine powers to resolve difficult situations, this mostly stems from her early involvement with Gnomish mentors at a younger, more impressionable age. Only once in her life did Charlene leave the Church of the Holy Light after being falsely persuaded by the slain titan constructs of the Halls of Origination.

The Grand Alliance Edit

Raised in an Alliance centered home, Charlene has sworn to uphold her duty to the Grand Alliance. Yet, she is not one to blindly follow a leader and will often place her own views on subjects if allowed. While the woman holds a high amount of respect for the senior leaders of the Alliance Armed Forces, Charlene does not believe every member of the nobility holds integrity and more often than not distrusts them in militaristic affairs unless they have a record of previous service. The woman can admit instances where the Grand Alliance have failed to keep honor and works to one day achieve a high position within the Alliance Military to guide her faction into victory with the highest of ethics and exemplary honor.

The New Horde Edit

Charlene's mind is complex. While she aspires to bring peace to Azeroth, she in no manner is passive to the Horde. She considers many of their actions a crime against innocents and of life itself, such as undead Forsaken raising unwilling dead Humans into more Forsaken. However, Charlene cannot bring herself to despise an entire race of individuals by clumping them all together. In her time within the Argent Crusade, she had witnessed beings of all factions working in harmony to defeat a greater evil. This gave and continues to give Charlene a quiet hope, a hope she tells no one of. Traditional Horde races that belong to a neutral or independent faction or nation are to be judged separately. In combat, Charlene will always aspire to defeat the Horde honorably, and would never intentionally prolong the death of an enemy. Torture is something she does not find amusing.

Offices Held & Positions of Power Yes Edit

Heir of House of Itheca-Milidynes
Preceded by
Position Established
Charlene Itheca-Milidynes Succeeded by

Quotes Yes Edit

  • "Having everything is much harder than having nothing."
  • "I'd love to listen. I may not be a elf, but I'm all ears, hehe."
  • "No matter what happens, you have to find something to keep on living for."
  • "As a soldier of the Grand Alliance you have an obligation to be more ethically outstanding and honorable than the average man."

Gallery Yes Edit

Character Playlist Yes Edit

Songs that are both slammin' and random genre wise! These tracks are mostly what I enjoy hearing, with the overall "feel" of Charlene's character personality.

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