Charlene Milidynes
Charlene by Aranggi
Charlene on 37 L.C.

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Human-crest Human
Stormwindian - Kul Tiran


April 18th, 13 L.C.; (Age 24)
Braided Maiden, South Seas

Positions & Occupations

Achievement pvp a 03 Sergeant; Stormwind Army
Inv jewelry necklace 37 Stormwind Knight-Cavalier
Ability rogue combatexpertise Member; Skullrose Company
Ability rogue vendetta Mercy Coil Inquisitor
Inv eng gearspringparts Engineer


Ability racial packhobgoblin Benefactor; Sovereign Order
Ability rogue surpriseattack2 SI:7 Candidate (Unknowingly)
Ability hunter longshots Scout Captain of Everlast
Achievement win gilneas Last Hand of Kentillie
Achievement zone tanaris 01 Emira of the Sukad Tribe


The Lady Milidynes
The Warmhearted (Knighthood)
Mother to the Lost


"Rat Whisperer"


WoWIconGoldShield House of Milidynes
Banner of Stormwind Kingdom of Stormwind
Explorers League 64 Explorers' Guild
Warrior skullbanner Skullrose Company
Uncrowned insignia The Uncrowned
009bGL7 The Sovereign Order
Proudmoore Symbol Icon Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Tenochwarwomen House of Itheca
Inv misc map02 The Black Braids
Sukad The Sukad Tribe
Inv eng crate2 Crossfire Company


Thiago Itheca
Johanna Milidynes
Carver Milidynes
(Uncle, Adoptive Father)

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Aloysius Milidynes (Grandpa)
Yvette Milidynes (Grandma)
Liza Watkins (Aunt)
Frederick Milidynes (Uncle)


Matheus Itheca (Grandpar)
Theola Itheca (Grandma)
Dyana Itheca (Aunt)
Lavinia Itheca (Aunt)
Aislara Pritchard (Aunt)




CharleneSignature CharleneSeal



Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army

Years of Service

27 L.C. - 34 L.C. (Stormwind Army)
34 L.C. - 35 L.C. (Argent Crusade)
35 L.C. - Present. (Grand Alliance)



I hope to bring light to Azeroth's shadows, and to do that one must go into the darkest of caves in order to reach those trapped deep within its horrors, instead of preaching from the outside hoping a little bit of light manages to find its way to the bottom.

–Charlene Milidynes

Charlene Milidynes (Born Camillie Juliss Itheca) is a half Stormwindian, half Kul Tiran, combatant serving underneath the banner of the Grand Alliance. Initially beginning her long military career as a stealthy servicewoman, Charlene later in life turned to the path of the Holy Light before abandoning the idea of being a Paladin to simply become a light wielding combatant after varying events placed concern into her mind about total devotion to the Holy Light and its widely associated organizations.

Recently, Charlene has been persuaded to return to the Stormwind Army by her adoptive father Carver Milidynes after the events witnessed in the Seething Shore and the rising tensions in the Azerite-rich Silithus. The woman has also been spotted alongside Markus Stonewall and Edrington Grunwald dubbing themselves a part of the Skullrose Company, an irregular military band of soldiers hellbent on giving the Horde a bad time.

History Edit

Birth (13 L.C.) Edit

The Black Braided Maiden was a vessel that carried many great treasures coveted by greedy pirates and hungry sea monsters originating from old Kul Tiran tales of violent waters. Sunrise found itself beaming down on the small naval caravan of Black Braid pirates peacefully for the first time in what seemed like weeks. Amidst the husky chatter and clinks of celebratory hard beer flagons, a small but distinct cry of life emanated from the captain's bedchamber. A small, slightly bald, wrinkled-faced baby with short wispy hair was welcomed into the turbulent world of Azeroth. Her name was Camille Juliss Itheca, the newborn daughter of Thiago Itheca, and his wife that didn't take his last name, Johanna Milidynes. The babe's visage was puffy and her eyes dopey from being embraced in her mother's womb for nine months. Camille had been a surprise, an unexpected gift from a couple who believed they could never bare children.

Childhood (16 L.C - 21 L.C.) Edit

Life remained as rocky as the unpredictable sea for the crew and all aboard, yet the presence of a growing child who would not grow fast enough threatened the unequal and harsh culture of pirates. The bloody waters of the seas teeming with cut throat corsairs was not a place for a juvenile. Disowned by her birth family, the Milidynes, Johanna planned to give her daughter to the only trusted friend Johanna had on Azeroth for an extended baby sitting job, Heartfall Roseburg, a Freehold hustler she had come to know as a step in father during her early sea thieving days.

Johanna, her husband, and the crew aboard the Braided Maiden were unfortunately not alone on this particular voyage to Freehold. The Bloodsail Buccaneers trailed the Black Braid's along the dangerously occupied seas in a so-called truce to get the better upper hand in whatever came their way traveling to the northern haven. Peace would not be held under the orders of Liza Watkins, Johanna's older sister. Watkins was an unstable woman who bribed the Bloodsail Buccaneers with a glorified amount of gold to kidnap the child the Black Braid vessel harbored that chilly morning. Their job was not to kill the child, but to bring her to Liza herself so that she may have a proper upbringing under the Church of the Holy Light and its principles.

An uneasy shot rang out in the bitter cold, and soon havoc erupted as the Bloodsail Buccaneers and their hidden mercenaries attacked the Black Braided ship. Unaccounted by the Black Braids, the Bloodsail Buccaneers were armed to the teeth with varying new weaponry and technologically superior cannons. The attack dubbed: the "Standoff of Blood Cold Waters" would last for 3 hours and result in the successful capture of Camille.

Liza Watkins had won this battle but she would not win the war. Her means of funding the wicked task came from the murder and robbery of her lover, Sir Ernest Plaugher. Liza would hang in the Stormwind gallows shortly after being convicted of the knight's murder prior to the Bloodsail's full payment and thus to make up for their lost profit, Camille was sold to the Boralus Syndicate once the pirates arrived at Freehold.

Life Under the Boralus Syndicate Edit

Adolescence Edit

Personality Edit

"I must confess, you are easy to underestimate."
- Clothair Ravenot, 37 L.C.

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  • In-Game Name: Milidynes (No Alt letters)
  • Discord: Fortune-cookie-reader#9353