Blessed Crown of Aloras'zune
Chaeryl Sunshatter
The Unifying


Elven Icon Elven


Sunquarter Citadel, Alorasi Isles
23 July, -185 L.C.; (Age 224)


Blessed Crown of Aloras'zune
Blessed Sword of Aloras'zune
Supreme Church Governor
Matriarch of House Sunshatter
Duchess of Thedar'gale
Arcanic Swordswoman


Chaeryl the Unifying
The Arcane Defiant
The Ghost of Quel'thalas
"The Fanged"

Current Affiliations

DawnlightIcon Autarchy of Aurelia
Aloras'zuneicon Sovereign State of Aloras'zune
EmbershieldIcon House of Embershield
BattleMagiIcon Crystalline Circle

Immediate Relatives

More Family


Erodin Sunshatter (Father)
Lylidea Sunshatter ((Mother)
Keyad Sunshatter (Brother)
Zalidria Sunshatter (Sister)
Tylren Sunshatter (Uncle)
Arayle Sunshatter (Cousin)
Alasandra Sunshatter (Second Cousin)
Kolasdor Sunshatter (Second Cousin)
Mathend Sunshatter (Uncle)


Valirne Highfall (Aunt)
Aldimar Highfall(Cousin)



Holy Light;
Church of Aloras'zune

Lawful Good

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Unavailable By Maxen


Under Construction



Military Service


DawnlightIcon Autarchy of Aurelia


AlorasiMilitaryIcon Aloras'zune Army


Blessed Sword of Aloras'zune

Character Theme | Voice Reference
The weight of my burdens have strengthened my muscles.

–Chaeryl Sunshatter, the Unifying.

Chaeryl Sunshatter (Born Chaeryl Erodora Zela'em Sunshatter; 23 July -185 L.C.) is the ruler of the Sovereign State of Aloras'zune, and as such; is both the General of the Alorasi Armies and the Supreme Governor of the Church of Aloras'zune. The Matriarch of the House of Sunshatter is also the Duchess of Thedar'gale therefore the Duchess-Electress of Thedar'gale during the Alorasi election. Recently sworn to the House of Embershield, she swears fealty to the Autarchy of Aurelia and prides herself on being neither Horde nor Alliance allied despite personally serving each faction once in her life.

Chaeryl was born in the then Principality of Thedar'gale on the Aloras'zune Isles while it was under the rule of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas as the first child to the Lord and Lady of the Sunbeam Region.

After the downfall of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, the small elven states on Aloras'zune Isles began to war. Eventually this would escalate to Naruion Sunkeep inciting a demon invasion of the isles. Leading the Alorasi Amalagation led by Chaeryl, to defeat Naurion Sunkeep and repel the demon invasion on August 27, 37 L.C.

She is the mother of two illegitimate, half raced children, Petrina and Zenobia Sunshatter.

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