The Cenarion Council

Parent Organization

The Cenarion Circle






Aldreon Verdantclaw
Galondel Fleetsong

Current Status:

Indefinite Hiatus

The Cenarion Council is an alliance of Druids who share a similar goal: the preservation of the balance and the well-being of nature throughout Azeroth. It's members convene on amiable terms and falls outside of the Horde and Alliance conflict. The Council is comprised of several "representatives" that hail from various organizations across Azeroth, ranging from military to private organizations of the Alliance, Horde and beyond.

The Council is considered a sub-section of The Cenarion Circle, and follows the will of the Archdruid at large. The Archdruid possesses the power to supercede any actions or decisions made by the Council. The Council's primary goals are to allow it's members to take a more pro-active role in Cenarion matters across Azeroth, and to act in unison for the betterment of nature. The Council's power lies primarily in the hands of the Council representatives. Each representative is entitled to a single vote on Council decisions from their respective organizations. The Council Speaker's functions are to promote and regulate discussion, call for Council votes, and serve other administrative duties.

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