Canton of Hafmjarhall
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The city of Bernstadt along with Bernburg, nestled within Hafmjarhall's valley.

Ruling House

House of Wulfbane


Fort Icehill (1,000)
Hafmjarhall City (5,000)
Wolf's Paw Outpost (500)
Ingvarstad (700)
Bear Claw Gate (845)

Main Resources

Alteraci Granite

Local Races

Stormpike Dwarves


Old Ways
Tyrist Stance
Church of the Holy Light

History of Hafmjarhall Edit

Nestled in the mountainous region of Alterac, Hafmjarhall boasts a set of natural defenses. Making the future Canton a desirable home for the first people who wandered through its passes. Originally known as the Varg, these people eventually became known as the House of Wulfbane. An honorable and respected family of Alterac, leading its people in defense of their homeland.

As years passed and wars came. The House of Wulfbane proved itself, time and time again. Eventually catching the eye of the House of Perenolde. It would be the Perenoldes' who'd recognize Agmar I the Great as the ruler of Hafmjarhall. Rewarding him with the title of Margrave, and the responsibilities it came with. The honorable patriarch of the Wulfbanes' accepted gracefully, and so entered a life of service to the nation of Alterac.

Following the betrayal of the Alliance by King Aiden Perenolde. It was upon Yngvar Wulfbane the First's shoulders to decide on which side Hafmjarhall would support. Remaining loyal to Alterac, he waited on word from General Hath. When word came that Hath had broken his oath to Perenolde, and remained loyal to the Alliance. Following the honorable General's lead, Yngvar too remained loyal to the Alliance. Fighting alongside the Alliance and Hath against his own countrymen who remained loyal to Perenolde.


Cities, Settlements, and Outposts Edit

Fort Icehill


Wolf's Paw Outpost

Ingvarstad (Situated on Sofera's Naze)

Bear Claw Gate (Settlement controlling the Pass)