Burnadette G. Gregor
Burnadette in the Cathedral.
Artwork done by player.


Female, Human

Place of Birth:







Ordained Priestess of Dawn's Light, Reverend Mother, Prioress for The Congregation for Education -(Formerly)


House of Gregor
Gregor's Crossing
Light's Dawn Cathedral
Lightwardens -(Formerly)
Blades of Greymane
Church of the Holy Light
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stormwind
Council of Bishops-(Formerly)


Adrian Gregor (Husband, Alive)
Xavier Gregor (Step Son, Alive)
Jeran Gregor (Step Son, Alive)
Matrim Gareth Gregor (Son, Alive)
Adaline Ivory Gregor (Daughter, Alive)
Joel R. Parsens (Father, Alive)
Gail M. Parsens (Mother, RIP)
Krystal L. Parsens (Sister, Alive)
Marwyn A. Parsens (Sister, RIP)
Olena Massey (Grams, RIP)

Burnadette Gale Parsens, (Now Burnadette Gregor) grew up on a rather large farming plot within the mid-west area of Westfall. She is now a fully Ordained Priestess, whom follows a more scholarly path though has been known to pick up a bow at times. For a time she lived in Stormwind City to further the education of others and herself. Now the woman remains a bit of a homebody within Gragor's Crossing, helping out the people there and raising her children.


Born to Joel and Gail Parsens, Burnadette was a typical farm girl. (Wip, more to come.. )

Current Description:Edit

Deep red- coppery colored locks of curls drape in lengths about this woman’s elongated face and down toward her lower back in a thick wild mane. A rather dainty nose sits in the center of deep earthy hazel eyes which support a pair of silver thin framed glasses frequently. These glasses can be seen, at times, pushed up over her head or hooked into the nape of her robes as if the female only needed them at certain times.

The bridge of nose and across the tops of her cheeks carry a peppering of freckles. A set of lips bares a thinner pressed together line in deeper considerable thoughts when not smiling or frowning.

Average in height, she is not a skinny woman by all means but nor is she heavy set and certainly doesn’t seem to be one that keeps up on physical fitness. Overall, she looks to be in good health. She has rather soft hands, a clear sign that her trades are not laborious with physical demands.

She also bares the simple fashions of clothing that would be seen about any city. Unbeknownst to most though, this female fitted her own robes in modesty, with careful stitch work. She holds a deep herb like smell to her, most of the time she has several bundles of herbs in her side pouches.

About her neck she wears a silver chain with a single set stone of earthy green in color.