Tiragarde Sound Cap


Lady Katherine Proudmoore


Eastern Tiragarde Sound


Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Grand Alliance



Boralus, Kul Tiras’ capital, lies on the mouth of a river or strait running through Tiragarde Sound. The city’s population has dwindled since Jaina Proudmoore’s and Daelin Proudmoore’s exodus, and many houses and surrounding farms lie empty. Currently the city's population stands at four-thousand heads. The people have drawn in away from the fringes and toward the coast; one can wander for a short while through the abandoned residential districts and market places in the city’s east side. An ideal place for a secret society or hidden cabal, the town is eerily quiet. Still, Boralus is a friendly enough harbor, though almost all its citizens carry long knives to “gut the murlocs and naga.” Kul Tiras’ diminished Navy patrols the wasterways leading to the harbor, so merchants from Stormwind City, Menethil Harbor and rarely Kalimdor make Boralus a regular stop.


Information adapted from Wowpedia for fair use.