• Dtorina

    This is a post that'll contain all icons, current and future, for the Embershield Protectorate pages.

    These are the Protectorate Military Force icons; Standard size and icon size for the infobox for those who like to point out affiliations.

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  • Hranu

    Originally posted on July 28th, 2017 on my blog

    NIGHT BEGAN TO FALL on Thunder Bluff; the steady, calm drumbeats from the giant totem upon the central rise echoed over the windswept bluffs to signal the end of the day and that wall was well. Naharak knew a horn would sound to signal An’she’s dipping below the horizon and that the day was officially coming to an end.

    He walked on the bridge between the Low and Spirit Rise. Every step he took was filled with the quiet whine of the wood under his hooves and the clinking of the mail of his armor or the small totems on his belt. He walked with purpose, each long stride taken to get him to his residence on the Spirit Rise so that he could connect with that which he chained.

    The ritual was complex in…

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  • Ryan404000

    Hello hello you beautiful people,

    It is me Lantos, once more here to announce something, this time though it's not an admin thing, it's my own personal project. I am working on a whole bunch of Lordaeronian theme'd fanon. Generally this fanon (released, updated, tweaked over the next few months) will focus on all aspects of Lordaeron, from the Dissolution Period, all the way to the Kingdom, and then post Kingdom with the Argents, Scourge, and maybe some Forsaken stuff. If people want to help out or contribute, just contact me! I am not saying this fanon is like, for everyone. It's only for people who want to use it, like all fanon on here, to tease stuff I've been posting in Discord, using a drawn out version of the ingame map, created by K…

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  • Kessarah


    April 29, 2017 by Kessarah

    I really like my badges.


    Just a heads up: If you see that I've edited one of your pages, do not fear. I've ONLY ADDED CATEGORIES TO THEM  (and only categories that are relevant to said pages) .  I will not touch anything else unless you specifically ask me to.


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  • Ryan404000

    As it is slightly known we do infact have a discord available! If you wish to join it, the best way is to contact any admins over Discord or ingame for an invite code!


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  • Ryan404000

    Good morning users of the Wiki! This isa public service announcement for all users of the Wiki.

    The Template known as Template:Character Infobox, is being phased out and deleted this afternoon (EST). Please be sure you check your articles and remove/replace the Character Infobox with the normal Infobox, thank you!


    Ryan and the Admin Team

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  • Kessarah

    Dorky Excitement

    April 1, 2017 by Kessarah

    Scrolling through Recent Wiki Activity (because why not), I happened upon this wonderful detail about the Ravenwood Company.

    They were founded on September 4th, 35 L.C.


    Nah, I just wanted an excuse to make a blog. Still cool doe.

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  • Teateateatea


    March 27, 2017 by Teateateatea

    aaaa okay, i'm not sure if this will be a continuous thing or just once, but ayy.

    this is just where i'm going to keep record of what i have to do / what i need to do, so u r welcome to read yesyes. i'll have more entertaining stuff at the bottom, i think. this will also show how much of an altoholic i am, wew.

    to do:

    • finish Nona Zaire
    • edit Holiday Wyndam
    • finish Aoife Rosebrook
    • finish Fawn Holmwood
    • make Kolmar Scavenius
    • make a page for The Phantom's Hearth, The Foxtail Trade
    • make whatever i'm going to use for aoife's writing
    • graphic design work for pages, maybe unique formatting (?)
    • r.....p?
    • be bored bc i have nothing to do

    to shelf:

    • debate fawn + her connections

    i have a lot of writing to do rip me

    either way, find me in game and rp with any of my characte…

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  • Horacea


    March 22, 2017 by Horacea


    Hello yes, first blog post. Decided to post because why not. I already have to log into like 50 different apps every morning to keep up on games and such so you know, why not add this thing to the mountain as well.

    Well I won't be posting daily.

    Just every now and then.


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  • Cymru knight
    Written by User:Hranu

    A night battle was not entirely in the plan for this fight, but Traherne knew that nothing ever truly went according to plan. Everything had to be in place: the cannons and arquebusiers had to have the high ground with the crossbowmen and archers under them to rain hell upon the enemy. The War-Clerics of the Sable Dragon had to take their positions in the woods not half a kilometer away to ready themselves to charge. The rest of his forces arrayed.

    He had the high ground; Lord Gawain had simply given it up, and that is what worried the Bennaeth of the Meibion Daranu.

    He looked through a spyglass to Gawain’s forces: made up of sellswords, Gwaeddon, and golems to support his troops. All of what had been left of the forces …

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  • Bookerr389

    A Brief Rest

    February 16, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Sunday morning , another blessed day.

    The Pig and Whistle was bustling with people. Foreigners as well as local townsfolk were all quickly stopping by. All of them were in a hurry to get a quick bite to eat, and a warm drink before the busy work day. At the entrance of the bustling inn stood Jack. His face carried the usual bright smile that people were accustomed to. He always enjoyed watching the liveliness of the people. It always reassured him on why he fought, and defended the people. To watch them flourish and continue their life's without trouble.

    Looking around the bustling inn Jack caught the glance of his old friend Alister, sitting idly alone . The wide smile that he had been carrying shrank .It appears that I'm late, he thought …

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  • Ryan404000

    Icon Masterpost

    February 16, 2017 by Ryan404000

    This is a master post for icons found on the wiki, if you plan on using them in your work you would use:




    Gilnean (Border)

    Gilnean (Non-Border)

    Silver Hand

    Argent Crusade


    Shadow Council

    Cenarion Expedition http://…

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  • Cymru knight

    Hranu and I have talked a lot about getting exposure to the Mynydd project. One of the ways we've done that is by posting a lot of articles and of course RPing in-game to get people interested; those who are and join the project (and typically Remnant of Lordaeron) get into a full breadth of sub-projects that they can very easily join and contribute to.

    We've gotten a few new people through the MG Wikia alone, but we're currently looking for more ways to get exposure in our projects. So, one of the things we're doing is asking Mynydd players to include a few links into their profiles.

    Link to this list:

    Also we have a tumblr now!!

    Main Mynydd Link:


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  • Bookerr389

    The wind howled through the frozen wasteland of Northrend. It bellowed and screamed like a banshee deafening all other voices. Jack and Alister knew this frozen hell quite well. It had only been five or so years since the two had met and fought alongside each other in the campaign of Northrend. However unlike before they were alone with no reinforcements and barely any supplies. The two were sat in a cave waiting for the on going blizzard to calm down," Why exactly did we come back to this hell hole again." Alister asked. Jack sighed before looking to his weary companion," We are on a quest my old friend. I made a promise to the Bishop that I would refill the monastery library." Alister raised a brow," You made the promise however not m…

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  • Bookerr389

    The world has a fickle sense of humor. Jack was in wonder and disappointment. After a long needed break Jack returned to his quest for books, and like before he had to track down various novels in varying locations all with equal danger. The book this time that he was in search for was once more in the dreaded plaugelands, within a dark sanctum known as Scholomance. Jack had heard tales of that despicable school, and how it had created various abominations all in the name of the Scourge. Jack was unsure on weather or not this was a good idea to travel into such a dark hole alone but he knew either way that he had to for the sake of the Brotherhood. Looking at the gate to the Scholomance Jack would take in a deep breath. Exhaling slowly he …

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  • Bookerr389

    Westfall the once great and plentiful breadbasket of the kingdom of Stormwind. A land now full of poverty and strive had been a location Jack never thought he would go to. It had been only a few years since the Cataclysm when the Defias Brotherhood had revealed itself and caused much mayhem. A land of thieves, beggars, and uncertainty our young Paladin now walks into willingly in the search of a book.

    Westfall, Tuesday 7:30 am

    The short trek from the Cathedral of Stormwind to the Saldean farm had been interesting to say the least. Jack the previous night did not get that much sleep. His mind had felt troubled and confused the previous evening. It didn't help that he had decided to take his Hawkstrider either. Half the time on the way there J…

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 5

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    The travel from Redridge to Northern Stranglethorn hadn't been particularly long for Jack. It was in Alliance territory and thus there were legitimate roads that led there unlike the Highlands where the road was no where to be seen. Jack found pleasure in this, “ Oh Gizbin I'm going to have to thank you when I see you.” He grinned as he said this,” Though I do find it unsettling to travel into this part of the jungle. The stories I have heard about the Jungle Trolls that live in this area are rather frightening.” His grin shifted into a frown, “ I pray the Light watches over me as I do this.” He closed his eyes for a moment to pray. After a few moments he would let out some air, “ Once more I travel into the maws of death, and once more I …

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 4

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Present week Wednesday, Southern Tanaris They say that a man never knows his capabilities until he's on the brink of death. The burning sun of desert shined like a radiant fire. Its gaze seemed to touch everything, leaving nothing but sand, and the unfortunate individuals who were unable to survive it. In the middle of this hellish place lay a brave man. He had been traveling from the south of Tanaris near the Valley of the Watchers on a quest for a book about a great evil that once plagued this world a millennia ago. The book was supposedly in Gadgetzan a town in the far north of Tanris, across the burning desert. To get there the man decided to hire a group of individuals who claimed they knew the way. The man hired these people and so t…

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 3

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Present week Monday, Northshire Abbey It had been two days since Jack had been shot in the air by Gizbin. Jack was a bit frustrated after this. It seemed the mission to collect books had become harder and more difficult with each one. The thought that this mission would become even more taxing on him both physically and mentally began to seed itself within his mind, “ Why am I even doing this. I barely even know these people but I made a promise. If it weren't for me trying to earn a place within the Brotherhood I wouldn't even be doing this.” The seed of doubt had grown quite big it seemed,” Let's just get an easy one today.” The thought of maybe just doing the easier tasks would get the job done quickly and safely seemed quite appealing.…

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 2

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    2 PM

    Jack Oathbourne Scholar 19 Posts Last Saturday, Arathi Highlands....

    The morning sun shine bright upon the rolling hills of Arathi Highlands. A young Paladin would be walking through the land, a face of determination and excitement would be present upon him, " A beautiful day....a beautiful day." He smiled as he reached within his satchel. Pulling out a map of the Highlands he would take a moment to position himself, " I'm here and Hammerfall is only two miles away. I should probably start coming up with a plan on how I'm going to sneak in and find this goblin." With a heavy sigh he closed the map and placed it back within the satchel, " I made a promise...I made a promise." Reassuring himself he set out to the Horde town o…

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  • Bookerr389

    Jack Oathbourne Scholar 19 Posts Last Monday

    The Paladin would stretch his arms out," I promised I would help rebuild, and I know the best way to do....scripture." A large smile would cross his face, " So let's see.... ah yes a Civil War in the Plaugelands that the first one. " He would think for a moment , " I think the Plaugelands is the best place to start, local history of course." Nodding his head he would set out to the Eastern and Western Plaugelands to begin.

    Three days later Wednesday afternoon Eastern Plaugelands

    After a long three day trek through the Eastern kingdoms the young paladin would make it to Lights Hope Chapel, " Its been a while since I have been here." He would say, his voice seemed tired maybe he didn't catch that muc…

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  • Hranu

    Dice Roller Addon

    December 14, 2016 by Hranu

    Dice Roller is an dice rolling addon for raid chat for RP events. When it comes to doing DND events, Blizzard's /roll mechanics just aren't that great, especially when you want to do dice rolls like 2d6, 3d10, etc.; it can be a huge hassle to type out multiple /roll 6 or /roll 10. Additionally, it can be a huge hassle to get everyone in your guild to download a mandatory addon.

    With this addon all you need is a raid group and a single person with the addon -- no one else needs the addon but the DM. It works something like this:

    In raid chat, type out !XdY+Z where:

    X= number of dice

    Y= dice value

    Z= modifier (addition only currently)

    The result will look something like this:

    Be aware, however: if multip…

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  • Perrington

    Lets Talk Links

    November 3, 2016 by Perrington

    This is going to be a little guide on linking through Wikia to avoid the dreaded blue arrow tag that pops up on links that originate from outside of this Wikia. And, a few helpful tips for linking in general.

    To start of, if you want to link something in an Infobox, or in source more, it's really simple. Say I wanted to link to the Alterac page on this wiki. It's as simple as doing

    Anyways, I hope this helps someone out there, and if not, so be it!

    • Varadu, for showing off the interwiki link article.
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  • Chica Nunnally

    Sorry for Inactivity

    October 21, 2016 by Chica Nunnally

    Hey, it's me. I must apologize for being inactive for so long. I guess you could say I was trying to think of ideas for my two elf characters and ended up forgetting about this wiki.

    Don't worry, I already told myself that I would go to the Moon Guard server if I ever get back to playing WoW.

    Been so long since I last played, I have somewhat forgotten what it was like for me to play.

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  • Bookerr389


    October 20, 2016 by Bookerr389

    Quinn Murphy



    Within the chapel Jack sat alone crying to himself. It had been five years, five long and painful years since the young Paladin had seen his master, his mother Andrea Duvhal the person he lost all those years ago . The young Paladin wiped his face and looked down at his satchel. Opening it he pulled out a small vile filled with this grayish liquid," To help me grieve let me remember, let me remover the days of yesteryear." Putting the vial to his lips he downed the contents in one gulp. For a moment nothing seemed happened," I should have never trusted....." Within moments of saying those words pain began to shoot through his head. He stumbled across the chapel as the pain became so unbearable that he cou…
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  • Hranu

    Originally posted on October 13th, 2016 on my blog

    THE SMOKE FILLED THE AIR as the fires burned low around the newest inductee into the Ashwalker Warband. Given only water, the fires had burned all day in order to cleanse her of all impurities -- for her to become reborn. The Elf’s naked body was covered in soot, blackening her skin as the ritual slowly came to a close.

    “Rise, Zyaise Morningsworn,” an aging Tauren shaman said. “Brother Fire has burned all around you; everything you knew that once was is no longer. The dawn you woke to has become night in the presence of all those gathered here.” He raised his hands, motioning to what was left of the Warband.

    Zyaise rose, looking directly at the elder, and then to their enigmatic leader. The el…

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  • Phiniksa
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  • Hranu

    Originally posted on February 5th, 2015 on my blog.

    THE HAWKTOTEM BURIAL GROUNDS were once filled with a dim blue glow, casting light upon the totems that told thelives of those who had sworn fealty to the Hawktotem. Dozens upon dozens of totems with elaborate runes had been in the cave before a massive Kor'kron warband had sacked Camp Ahok'awa, the Hawktotem’s sole village.

    Naharak sat alone amongst the ashes of his fallen predecessors. He was once Chieftain of the Hawktotem Tribe and a powerful shaman in his own right. Now, he was just a husk. His people were stolen away from him; his oaths were broken before the Sibling Spirits of Azeroth. Silence was the answer he received from them when he called out in battle. His dreams were now haunte…

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  • Hranu

    Naharak Hawktotem - Ghosts

    October 12, 2016 by Hranu

    Originally posted on June 10, 2014 on my blog.

    THE SIEGE OF ORGRIMMAR was grueling and bloody, but Young Hawk had weathered it. He and seven Hawktotem warbands arrived in Durotar; they were all of the fighting forces that the Hawktotem could possibly field. They sang songs of battle when they charged alongside the other rebels and were always the last ones to leave the field of battle. That bravery had earned them the respect of the warriors, but it caused the Hawktotem’s ranks to diminish greatly.

    A single warband had survived the siege and even then it was not the entire warband. Only seven of ten braves made it out alive. It weighed heavily on Young Hawk’s soul that he led over seventy tribesmen to their deaths; it was the single greatest …

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  • Varadu

    PSA - Wiki Templates

    October 11, 2016 by Varadu

    Hey everyone.

    Recently, myself and User:Perrington've been working on some new wiki templates and think that they'd be helpful to all of you - many are somewhat minor and just handy although can make a considerable difference when it comes to simplifying things.

    So, without further ado, here's a full list (a few older templates will also be listed here such as the basic infobox):

    • Template:Infobox (by Wikia; old template) - Most everyone on the wiki knows this template - it's a simple infobox with 10 custom titles / cells.
    • Template:InfoboxZones (by Perrington) - Infobox with preset cells / info designed to be used for articles about regions / zones.
    • Template:Infobox military award (by myself) - Infobox designed to be used for articles about mil…
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  • Cymru knight

    Something happened IRL just recently that was extremely devastating to my family. I posted this on the Remnant of Lordaeron forums, but ultimately I wanted to post it here, too. The Mynydd Project is largely suspended, now. I'm quitting WoW for IRL responsibilities that I have inherited.

    I had a lot of fun on the wikia and writing with Hranu to bring this all together. I loved getting IMs in the evening say that they read the Mynydd stuff and that they truly loved what we wrote. I'm immensely proud of those who joined the project and rolled characters and I'm sorry for everyone who missed their chance.

    Hranu and I have some last updates that are coming out this week for those who want to continue playing their Mynydd characters, but ultimate…

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  • Vannesira Smith

    As I covered in my last post, I've been calculating the sizes of the Human Kingdoms. This post contains the rest of the Kingdoms, aside from Dalaran, which doesn't have any land to calculate and Kul Tiras, which doesn't appear on in-game maps so can't be calculated. Military sizes are based on the Swedish Allotment System. As with the last post they are very rough calculations involving lots of averages, RPG material and estimates.

    • Distance from Coast to Coast on in-game map is roughly 1.5 times that of the Stormwind distance from Coast to Coast.
    • As the Stormwind distance is 750 miles (see Part 1), the Lordaeronian distance is approximately 1125 miles. Or under half the distance between Washington D.C and Los Angeles

    • Distance between top of Ti…

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  • Vannesira Smith

    So, while I was doing some lore research and calculations to work out the size of Greyhallow in relation to the rest of Stormwind and the Eastern Kingdoms, I came up with some interesting results on the size of Stormwind and decided I may as well post said results for anyone who wants to see/use them. Note that they are very rough calculations involving lots of averages, RPG material and estimates.

    I'll only do Stormwind in this part and try and calculate the rest as Part 2 later today.

    Unfortunately, Blizzard has never given exact distances or a scale on maps. Regardless, there are some notes that estimations can be made from:

    • World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn - A zeppelin takes three days to reach Desolace from Orgrimmar (Canon Lore)
    • "Zeppelins can c…

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  • Perrington

    I dunno

    September 27, 2016 by Perrington

    This is more like a tweet if anything but I've made so many edits and Wikia keeps saying I only have seven contributions this week. That's frustrating.

    But, I may as well take the time to note some quality of life things for people making pages.

    But that is pretty small, so I've been working on a small scale work for a new style of Navboxes. The from the bottom of the articles Grand Alliance and New Horde are offshoots of the WoWWiki style, and the ones on pages like Mynydd and The Citrine Eagle are a custom thing inspired by the standard Wikipedia navbox for cultures and relgions.

    They're only meant to do what catagories cannot, which is make navigation between these pages faster and organized into individual sections within a particular art…

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  • Cymru knight

    inkarnate maps

    September 19, 2016 by Cymru knight

    Boy howdy do I both love and hate inkarnate maps.

    I love inkarnate because it's such an easy map making tool. I also hate it because you can't change the size of the maps. I made two maps just recently -- one for an overall look at a region:

    Mynydd Marches

    ...and then another for a section of it:

    Dinas Emrys

    As you can see, the Marches region map it's stretched out but ultimately looks p. good and representative of my mind's eye. The second one is squished together.

    I guess that's just what you get for making the section map before the region one. I'm probably going to redo dinas emrys for the fifth time to try to get it as close as possible to the Marches map, but holy fuck is that hard af

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  • Cymru knight

    Mynydd stuff to do

    September 15, 2016 by Cymru knight

    Hranu and I have this list of stuff to do and expand on but it doesn't translate out into wiki articles that well. Some things we've written but it hasn't been translated, some things are waiting to simply be posted but both of us are weirdly lazy about posting them lol

    • The Gawead and their history
    • Iwan ap Macsen
    • Llywelyn ap Bronwyn

    • Dinas Bran
    • Dinas Narfon
    • Mynydd feudal titles
    • Golems of the Vale
    • Proto-Drake Nest

    • Cadwiaid (hranu come on)
    • Bleiddiaid y Dyffryn
    • Vale of Mynydd

    • Mynydd Lleng Tramor
    • Hen Duwiaid
    • The Feistyriaid and Runes (Nelany took this tbh)

    There is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more shit we have on our to-do list but it's private stuff that we might scrap it or redo in some way so we don't want to set expe…

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  • Varadu

    Pre-patch was confirmed, July 19th.

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  • Alexandra Fletcher

    A full render WMV edit of a scene from your story, one month game time and 60,000 gold is up for grabs. So get those stories in!

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  • Selvatore Melrony

    Wanted Pages

    June 20, 2016 by Selvatore Melrony

    Wanted Pages

    I'm going to go through every now and then and make a page on that list. If there's any that people would like me to prioritize, lemme know.

    Also would love proofreading and editing done to any Wanted Pages ​that I create. Thank you. :)

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  • Aretain King

    Hey all,

    Just a friendly reminder that if you're going to use images for your pages that you did not create on your own, you need to properly attribute the artist and include what type of licensing you're using the image under. I've seen a number of images added of late that have not been properly attributed, hence why this post exists.

    If you created the art yourself, either through art programs, or by taking a screenshot from a game (doesn't have to be WoW) then everything is fine. But if the art you're using uses assets created by someone else? They need to be credited.

    Thanks everyone.

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  • Alexandra Fletcher

    Eight years ago I got together with my raid lead, since then he has been my best friend, husband and the father to my daughter. Love happens all the time in WoW, and while my hubby may make fun of RP (and refuses to do it with me *snerk*) I couldn't imagine my life without him even through all the ups and downs. We took a chance and it has been the best eight years of life. As some may know or may not know I was featured in WoWinsider (now Engadget) 4 years ago with my hubby on the Warcraft themed wedding we had.

    But now we have been featured in Cosmopolitan in celebration with the movie that is coming out today and I just wanted to share. I hope others have th…

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  • Chica Nunnally

    Name Question

    June 1, 2016 by Chica Nunnally

    I guess it's up to me if I want to create a Horde character or an Alliance character. So there's no need for me to ask that.

    Well, I've been thinking of creating a female blood elf character once I get back to playing WoW (whatever day it would be). The problem? I'm struggling to think of a decent name.

    Yeah, I'm gonna create her page on here first in case I ever forget about her. Backstory help may be needed, since I'm new here.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for names? I'll be deeply appreciative if you think of one that might fit.

    Please, tell me your suggestions in the comments. :D

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  • Varadu

    Expansion after Legion

    May 22, 2016 by Varadu

    So, recently, a question's been on my mind, and that's regarding the expansion after Legion.  There's plenty of rumor and speculation regarding this, including some that's saying Blizzard will be bringing WoW to a close after Legion.

    I'm just curious, what do you all think will be after Legion?

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  • Alexandra Fletcher

    Hello Moon Guard, my name is Lily and I like to hold contests! I transferred from Earthen Ring and have been on Moon Guard for a few months now. With the Legion around the corner I figured it was time to hold another writing contest. Basically the way I run my contests is I give a writing prompt, once the contest closes I pick a winner (sometimes with the aid of judges) and the winner has a choice of gold or a WMVedit from me. That’s it! I don’t judge on grammar or anything like that, but rather how closely it follows the perimeters given and lore, how well the story was told and lastly if your story sparked my muse enough to create an original piece of art showcasing a scene from your story. I tend to do these once or twice a year dependi…

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  • Alexandra Fletcher

    As it is known by now I like to do art I like to give away art too. I also like to give art to people to who have been kind to me. I can honestly say Tylralus has been one of the nicest people I have meet. He has RPed with me several times, getting to know my characters, we have PvPed together, and all around been an awesome guy to chat with for the few months I have been here. So for his birthday (which I was totally belated for) I did something special for him. I would like to continue with this and share art I do for Moon Guard residents.  I am not currently taking commissions, I am perfectly happy doing gift art for right now. I will consider trades, talk to me in game though, but please understand if I turn you down though due to my c…

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  • Alexandra Fletcher

    a free sketch from me.


    ~No humans and dwarves (I draw them a lot) 

    ~Submit links or references, elves ok, and all other races ok too. I will also accept a favorite pet or mount. I want to do something fantasy related. 

    ~I will pick out one that tickles my fancy the most. I will only pick one, if your ref was not picked, then better luck next time. This is in no way a binding contract to do art for you.

    ~You have no say in what I draw, so make sure I have details, tattoos, wrinkles/no wrinkles, scars,and so forth. If details aren't given I cannot draw what you have in mind.  Whatever, even if your character looks just like the model. Let me know any thing and everything about the face, that is it. I will not redraw, this is practice for me …

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  • Alexandra Fletcher


    March 29, 2016 by Alexandra Fletcher

    Hello my name is Alexandra (Lillyiaz in game) and I recently transfered over my Paladin to PvP with a friend who is also a recent transfer from Earthen Ring and possibly to dip into RP from time to time. I am also an artist if you wish to check out my art please go to: I mostly do WMV edits these days but I do a wide range of art styles. I am currently not taking commissions and probably won't be till my daughter is in school this fall.

    A little about myself is that I have been playing WoW for about 10 years now and holy paladin about 9 of those years. I used to be an avid raider but since having my daughter my schedule is a lot tighter. So about 9 months ago quit raiding and picked up PvP (last time …

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  • Ryan404000

    My account has been hacked, if your page was deleted, hold on tight Berenal is fixing I've been removed from admin for a few days until the issue has been resolved.

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  • Aretain King

    I really didn't want to have to write this post. I really didn't, but sadly I feel I have to since there are people out there who are far too cowardly to air their concerns like mature adults and instead feel that vague posting on websites like tumblr is the best way to take potshots at people. I'm not going to name names, the person who did the vague posting knows who he is.

    Let me be clear about something right now.

    I have NEVER taken, nor will I ever take the intellectual property of another person and use it for my own ends. I will not use the work of a fellow roleplayer as a basis for my own. I am a CREATOR, I create using my own ideas, themed from at times, universes that I find inspiring.

    Today I found out that someone accused me of st…

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  • Illsanona

    Onyx Claymore : "Ilisanona"

    February 16, 2016 by Illsanona

    The noonday sun beat down mercilessly, baking the fallow fields surrounding the road that wound through Westfall. Perspiration tracked its way down the dust caked face of Ilisanona, who was in extremely deep thought. Barely paying any attention to the road, she contemplated over some disturbing news.

    A day earlier she received a letter from an unknown source. The man’s name was Icar, and he claimed to be her father. The letter was long. Pages of information detailing many facts from Ilisanona’s life that ultimately left no doubt that this man was in the very least, watching over her for her entire life. But how could he be her father?

    "I have a rogue for a father," she mulled, "How can that be, when I have the blessing of the Light at my fin…

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