The Blackshade Plague

The Blackshade Plague is a biological chemical weapon engineered by the Hand of Vengeance for use against the enemies of the Forsaken. It is a very diluted form of chemical yet still can be hazardous from direct contact. The combination of plants to create the mixture are very toxic in nature and were chosen due to their qualities. Under the restrictions of limited time to form, the plague is not as severe as it would have potential for. They symptoms of the plague are still enough to cause trauma and offer a great hazard to anyone it comes in contact with.


The symptoms of those exposed to the Blackshade Plague include:

- Delirium
- Hallucinations
- Blurred vision
- Skin Irritation
- High Fever
- Severe Sweating
- Increased Heart Rate
- Sensitivity to Light
- Tachycardia
- Loss of Balance

Exposure to the chemical is typically fatal after the course of six hours of it being transported through the air.

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