Bethany Drennstead
Blade Dancer of the Great Sea
Beth art


Self proclaimed Blade Dancer of the Great Sea

Civilian Guild


Preferred Weapons

Blade & Flintlock


Deceased (Undead)

Blade Dancer of the Great Sea

Short HistoryEdit

Coming soon.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Bethany is the Undead female, more formally known as Bethany Festerwound. Bethany is still rather fresh, her body having been preserved in ice until her undeath. Her face is gentle with few marks save for the scar over her right eye and small nicks from blades here and there. A black eyepatch covers her empty eye socket. Her lips are defined but not large.

She has short ebon hair that stops just at the nape of her neck and just to her shoulders, her skin is pale, almost greyed. Her body is lithe but gingerly shaped showing her feminine curves and agile body. Her muscles are lean but fit, strong enough to deliver powerful, but quick, hits. Not large enough to slow her down when striking. Her belly is smooth, slightly defined by some muscle and a bit of fat she retained in life to her death.

Her armor consists of dark leather, dyed a faint purple color. Her tunic is sewn together with care our of coarse thread and thin leather to maintain flexibility. Her shoulder pads are made of thicker leather, layerd over soft wool padding multiple times over one another to protect against blades. Her gloves are fingerless, made of light leather to maintain flexibility and protection. Her pants are made of the same thin leather as her tunic, sewn together with care to maintain flexibility. Boots are cuffed at the calf to hide her weapons. Beneath her tunic is a simple shirt, tucked inward and cuffed at the chest and with large loose sleeves, the cloth is dyed red.

Misc FactsEdit

  • In life her favorite drink was cherry grog, and now she drinks embalming fluid.
  • Her weapons are a single short blade and flintlock pistol.
  • Her blade was given to her by her father figure, Gatreaux Lafitte, captain of The Sea Wench. The blade is simple folded steel, tempered with iron. The handguard is made of a steel and iron mix to withstand disarm attempts, the handle is wrapped in worn leather bindings, dirty with use and age.
  • The dual barrel flintlock pistol has ivory handles with engravings of the waves of the sea crashing against a ship. The very bottom of the handle has a shaping of a lions head with it's maw open in a roar. The trigger is iron but etched with gold, much like the long slender barrels that when fired, switch positions to fire the second lead ball. The barrels contain one lead ball per barrel, when one is fire, the hammer must be pulled back, doing so causes the barrel to rotate, making the pistol a two shot pistol.
  • Her favorite place to hang out is the tavern in Booty Bay.

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