Bardagan Barrow
Prison Warden of Tol Dagor
Bardagan in Ashvane colors with his return to Kul Tiras.


Human male icon Human
INV Tabard Kultiran Kul Tiran


Bardagan Barrow
24th June L.C. (67)
Inv tourofdutytiragardesound Hatherford, Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras


Inv misc key 15 Prison Warden (Tol Dagor)
INV Artifact tome02 Supervisor (Baradin's Hold)
Corporal-icon Corporal (Fifth Fleet) (Former)


Achievement AlliedRace KulTiranHuman Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Proudmoore Symbol Icon House of Proudmoore
AshvaneIcon House of Ashvane


House Barrow

  • Adelaide Barrow (Daughter)
  • Augustus Barrow (Son)
  • Joseph Barrow (Grandson)
  • Veilena Barrow (Granddaughter)
  • Sylvia Barrow (Wife)

Bardagan Barrow (Born Bardagan Joseph Barrow, 24 June L.C.) is a skilled and aged combatant of Kul Tiras. Born within the hardy and unkempt roads of Hatherford, he grew into a talented guard of the southern lands of Tiragarde. However, tides would change when Bardagan was to be hired into the swindling Ashvane Trading Company under Lord Ashvane. There, Barrow quickly grew along the ranks of their enlisted until he was transferred to quarter the famed prison complex of Tol Dagor.

For years, Barrow continued his work under Lady Ashvane, even with the departure and death of her beloved husband. Barrow, still holding a certain fondness for the widow, remained faithful to her.

With his most recent transfer into the Fifth Fleet following Tol Dagor's decline in stability, his allegiance to House Proudmoore has been shaky at best. Work with the fleet has gone well despite this fact and with his return to his homeland, Barrow reunited with his first employer. The very same apparently in quite the predicament.

Currently, Bardagan continues to work alongside the Proudmoore House, having left the Fifth Fleet for his own directive. While, of course, adorned in Ashvane colors, he attempts to improve the name of Ashvane since its recent decline. His efforts in Tol Dagor improving its overall quality and shape.