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The Badlands are a land of deserts and canyons south of the Wetlands on the southern fringes of Khaz Modan. The Empire of Thaurissan once dominated the Badlands, but the Orcish Wars saw the land contested by the Orcish Horde.


A vast and expanse of dry desert and rock, the Badlands is one of the harshest regions on Azeroth, enclosed by a huge mountain chain, the region is one of large expanses of flatland desert with hills occasionally dotting the region, along with few canyons stretching far below the ground. To the north lies the Dark Iron citadel of Angor Fortress. From there the Dark Iron dwarves continue their exploration and archeological dig of the titan complex of Uldaman.


During the Second War, warriors of the Black Tooth Grin clan escorted Cho'gall, chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer clan, and his entourage to Grim Batol through the Badlands. The orcs rightfully expected an ambush by the Alliance, notably by humans from Stromgarde.

Kargath, the only New Horde outpost in Khaz Modan at the time, was located here. The Kargath Expeditionary Force was sent by Warchief Thrall himself to slay Rend Blackhand of the renegade Blackrock clan. The fort was destroyed during the Cataclysm, and replaced by nearby New Kargath.[1]



Settled following the Cataclysm that shook the region, Fuselight is a goblin, Steamwheedle Cartel, settlement.

New KargathEdit

New Kargath is a New Horde settlement, built atop Apocryphan's Rest near the ruins of Kargath. This is the primary Horde settlement in the region and during the height of the war between the forces of the Alliance and the Horde under Garrosh Hellscream this settlement enjoyed a boom in population, in terms of both auxiliaries and soldiers. Along with that it brought an increase of trade into the region, with the Goblins of Fuselight seemingly making a large profit from this new activity.

Angor FortressEdit

A citadel of the Dark Iron Clan, Angor Fortress is where the forces of the Dark Iron lead military operations in the region against various foes and where they command archeological expeditions on the nearby Titan facility of Uldaman.


While this region is known to sport a large population of herbs like Sungrass and Firebloom, the main wealth of the region is in ores. Large veins of gold, true silver and mithril have been found in the region over the centuries, with the Dark Iron Clan and now the Goblins of Fuselight leading vast mining operations in the Badlands to secure these vast quantities of resources.

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