Ambassador Aurion Dawntreader
Aurion by justplainkitty-d6kczrp
Ambassador of the Grand Alliance


Half Elf (Quel'Dorei / Human)


Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest


Stormwind City


Lawful Good




Sir Aurion the Lionhearted
Ambassador of the Grand Alliance
Master-Paladin of the Silver Hand
Lord Commander of the Lion Ascending
Emissary to the "Mrgl" Tribe
Director of C.H.A.R.Y.B.D.I.S.
Lord of Stonehaven Isle
The Hairlord


Order of the Silver Hand
The Council of Seekers
Grand Alliance Vanguard
The Lion Ascending


Tenevus Stromheart, Father (Alive)
Matiff Durthan, Blood Brother (Alive)

Sir Aurion Dawntreader is the current Lord Commander of the Lion's United Accord, also known as The Lion Ascending, as well as a Master-Paladin of the Silver Hand. Known for his warm and caring personality, along with having a great head of golden locks, he is generally well known through the Grand Alliance as a good man.

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Dawntreader Coat of Arms

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Auri Crop 1

Aurion Dawntreader

Half-elf scum <3 ~Aeriyth

Auri Crop 4

Defender of the Light

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