Velky Kamenec Castle ruins

Ard'val Ruins.

Ard'val, litterally translated to Hard Vale, was a small derelict village, on the bluffs in the North of what is known as the Highlands today. It overlooked the plains, but the land around the village was unforgiving. Some said it was cursed. It had no real production. Nothing grew in the rocky terrain and annimals kept dying. It slowly became more and more abandoned, until...

A upcoming Lord was granted the title of Baron of the village. A joke most certainly seeing as it was of -little- worth. But this warrior took what was given. Slowly within a years time, he seemd to do the impossible. Fields began the grow, and annimals thrived.

The town found vasts amount of Mithril within the rocks beneath it and began mining it out. Slowly the town prospered, buildings were erected, and trade bustled in the Square. Massive fortifications were erected, thick, tall towers, with a even thicker wall spanning around the town. Built within the mountain, a massive stronghold that could resist a year long siege. For nearly two decades it went on.

Tragically though, they delved too deep for the ore eventually and stumbled across a Black Dragon roost. Angered, the Black Dragon layed waste to the town, the immense forticcations were hardly a match for it's inferno blaze.

A month after the Arathorian Empire splintered, and the Lord of that properous town that was once derelict ventured south, to help found a bigger, stronger village...A Kingdom.

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