Aeliren Chesterhill
Aeliren Chesterhill










Major of the Gilnean Military
Baron of Edenford
Regional Captain of the Range Blades Forces


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance
Gilneascrest Kingdom of Gilneas




Immediate Family

Lillian Graveshire, wife
Sebastian Chesterhill, father
Elisabeth Chesterhill, mother
Emily Chesterhill, sister

Extended Family

Owain Chesterhill, grandfather
Carolyn Chesterhill, grandmother Tristan Chesterhill, uncle
Percival Chesterhill, uncle
Lucas Gawdron, grandfather
Gwen Gawdron, grandmother
Harry Gawdron, uncle
David Gawdron, cousin

Major Aeliren Chesterhill (January 30th, 1115 F.A. - Present) is an officer in the 3rd Brigade of the Gilnean Army, the Blades of Greymane, hailing from the port town of Keel Harbor in the Kingdom of Gilneas, along the southern coast of the Headlands. The last descendant of the House of Chester, he was elevated to the position of Baron of Edenford in the Ashen Coast by Lord Berenal Grayblade after his lineage was revealed, although he chose to keep his own surname instead, forming the House of Chesterhill.


Aeliren's life had its ups and downs, but was still a rather easy one even in his circumstances. Despite his poor poverty upbringing, his lineage had noble roots, roots that had been lost in time for centuries, leading them to live commoners' lives. Despite that, both of his parents worked hard to raise him and his sister.


Aeliren was born to Sebastian and Elisabeth Chesterhill in late January of the year 1115 of the Aderician Calendar in the coastal town of Keel Harbor. Although he was born several years before the construction of the Greymane Wall, he never had any experiences outside Gilneas. His father was a shipwright turned soldier following the erection of the Wall while his mother worked at the local inn. He had a younger sister, Emily, who was born a few years after him.

Life in Keel was rather easy for the Chesterhills. Sadly, for it to be so easy both parents had to work long and hard, all week long. Due to the construction of the Greymane Wall, Aeliren's father was put out of his work as a shipwright, and instead enlisted in the Gilnean Military. Thus, his father was not usually home.

The Northgate RebellionEdit


Aeliren (left) during the Northgate Rebellion.

When the Northgate Rebellion struck, Keel Harbor was one of the towns that harbored rebel sympathizers. Now in his mid-twenties, Aeliren was amongst those who sympathized with Lord Darius Crowley's cause, motivated by how the Wall cost his father his occupation due to the closing of the ports. This put him at odds with his father, who despite being forced out of his job remained a loyalist, leading to a falling out between the two and Aeliren leaving to join the rebels. Lacking any sort of military training at the time, Aeliren was forced to rely on his wits and guile during the fighting, though he became an effective fighter, slaying several loyalists during the course of the civil war.

Aeliren later participated in the march on Gilneas City, though after Lord Crowley's incarceration he silently slipped away with many other rebels and went into hiding, returning to Keel Harbor in secrecy.

Of Wolves and CorpsesEdit

Curse of the WorgenEdit

Time passed and tensions went down following the end of the rebellion as the curse of the Worgen swept through the lands, becoming more of a threat. One pack had left the Blackwald and managed to reach the Headlands, cutting them off from the rest of the peninsula.

The real danger, however, wasn't the Worgen themselves. The serial killer known only as the "Starlight Slasher" was lurking around, and it eventually made its way to Keel Harbor. One night he was out in the streets he came across a gruesome scene in an alley: his father, who had returned home on leave and whom he hadn't seen or spoken to since leaving to join the Northgate Rebels, lying heavily mutilated and bleeding to death with a hooded figure standing over him. The figure, one of the members of the Gilnean Wolfcult, quickly escaped the alley when Aeliren drew his pistol on it, leaving the young man with his dying father. Though he attempted to bring his father to a healer, there was not enough time, and Sebastian faded away slowly, using his last words to reconciliate with his son.

Fall of GilneasEdit

Mere weeks later, a Forsaken scouting group was sighted near Keel. The Greymane Wall had fallen, its defenders dead and many raised as those they fought against. Even with the destroyed bridge, they attempted to raid the town. Aeliren joined the rest of the town militia as they fought back, arming themselves with some of the rebels' supplies from their storehouse in town and successfully pushing them back. However, Aeliren's sister mysteriously disappeared around that time, and has been missing since despite Aeliren's greatest efforts.

During the final battle, what was left of the militia held off the Horde in the outskirts of Keel Harbor, taking them on what was to be a suicide mission to hold them off while another group assaulted the gunship covering the river. Expecting more undead, Aeliren was surprised at the sight of orcs, of which he had only heard from in stories about the Second War. Worn, tired and wounded they held the line against the orcish wold riders and their machines alongside their new Night Elven allies. The handful of militiamen left were the last ones to board the ships, retreating to Keel Harbor after the gunship was destroyed.

The BladesEdit


After a few minor incidents during the trip, the Gilnean refugees arrived at Teldrassil, the World Tree grown by the Night Elves. Despite the elves' hospitality, Aeliren didn't stay very long, and took the first ship to Stormwind in search of work. Working oddjobs to pay the bills, he stayed in a dingy home in the slums until news reached him that the Blades of Greymane were recruiting. Ironically, despite having fought in the Northgate Rebellion a few years earlier he rallied to the cause of Gilneas and enlisted as a recruit a few short days later.

Rising Through the RanksEdit

Upon enlistment, most of the time he spent in the Blades was abroad, outside of Gilneas. During his time as a recruit, the Blades were based out of the small town of Surwich in the Blasted Lands, but when news from Silverpine that Pyrewood Village was rebuilt reached them, they quickly packed up and left to travel there after dealing with a small ogre threat.

Pyrewood was first sieged and destroyed by the Forsaken sometime after the fall of the Greymane Wall, but now that it was rebuilt they used it as a base from which they fought against the Forsaken in the forest, even reaching to attack the undead in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Through the battles he fought and for his devotion and services, he was promoted to the rank of corporal.

The BulwarkEdit

The Bulwark was a coalition of Alliance orders including the Blades that banded together to fight as a unified front on neglected fronts against the Horde. Based in Ironforge, and later Shadowfang Keep, the orders met every once in a while, sending delegates to represent them to decide which fronts they were going to prioritize.

The first of these campaigns was in Northrend, where they fought Sunreaver stragglers and Horde forces that were trying to evacuate them. By this time, Aeliren had reached the rank of captain, and was often present along with other Blades members at the meetings.

Return to GilneasEdit

Aeliren Major Uniform

Aeliren some time after his promotion to the rank of Major.

The Bulwark came to an end sometime after the Second Battle of Andorhal, during which they managed to retake most of the city. Aeliren received a field promotion to the rank of major sometime between the fighting in the city, shortly before he joined the forces defending the nearby Felstone Field, which came under attack from Forsaken forces. A large number of horsemen swarmed the field, and the Bulwark forces spread out to defend the area.

During the fighting, Aeliren successfully hijacked a Forsaken steed from one of the attackers, knocking him off of it while taking the reins, and fought the rest of the battle from the saddle. Surprisingly, he managed to keep it alive until the final battle in the Horde-controlled district, where is was put down by enemy forces mid-battle. Knocked off his horse, he finished the battle on foot.

This was the unofficial end of the Bulwark, as they slowly fell apart and orders disbanded. Before their return to Gilneas, they received troubling news from the Ashen Coast in southern Gilneas. Arriving in the Ashen Coast, it was revealed that the town of Gregor's Crossing had been taken by a mercenary gang, and that Lord Xavier Gregor was dead. Joining with the forces under the deceased lord's son, Lord Adrian Gregor, the Blades made their way to the keep, which was occupied by the undead remnants of the forces that defended Gregor's Crossing.

Aeliren was present for the battle, fighting against those who were once allies, and was present for the defeat of the undead Xavier Gregor. After having retaken the fort, they marched into town after separating into three groups. Aeliren, as part of the High Commander's group, helped reclaim the main estate and a few houses and fought at the docks, pushing the remaining mercenaries out of town.

Encounter with the BlightedEdit

Returning to the Blades after the Second Range Rebellion, Aeliren was involved in the investigation in the ruins of Ashwood and in the retaking of Belfin. He later followed the Blades during their excursions into the Blightlands of the Northern Headlands, assisting with the retaking of the Dredge Road and the Blight Fields. During an encounter with a great blight monster, he was afflicted by the blight along with the others present, and only the timely arrival of Yim'nir saved them. His right hand remains scarred and blackened to an ash-like color from the events of the day.

Elevation to BaronEdit


The Major in his home in Fort Gaelik.

Discovering that he was directly related to the believed defunct House of Chester, Aeliren was granted his forbearers' lands and titles. Choosing to keep his own surname, he formed the House of Chesterhill and now seeks to restore the Barony of Edenford and its holdings from the major cartel that has overrun it. Fort Gaelik was restored under him to serve as the Blades of Greymane headquarters in the Range, and he was named the Range's regional Blades captain.

Missing in ActionEdit

With the onset of the Legion invasion, Aeliren fought on the Broken Shore alongside the Blades and the Ebonguard. When forced to fall back, he helped hold the beachhead following the destruction of High Admiral Crestdown's flagship, escaping the Legion with a close call.

Returning to the home front following the disastrous defeat on the shore, Aeliren assisted in the defense of the Ashen Coast against the Legion invaders under Azikal the Decimator. In the final showdown between Azikal and the Blades, Aeliren joined the strike team that entered the Spear of Decimation's command center to disable it. Trapped inside as it attempted to warp back to the Black City, the vessel crash landed on the Broken Shore. Though all of those who entered the command center survived, all methods of communication and transportation have been disabled, leaving them stranded in hostile territory, trekking through the isles until their eventual rescue.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Fighting: Aeliren is a very efficient melee combatant thanks to his military training and his combat pragmatism. A former Northgate rebel and veteran soldier, Aeliren combines his experiences with both in his fighting style, resulting in a rather unique fighting style revolving from a mix of military tactics and more underhanded methods. His favoured weapon is the longsword.
  • Guerilla Fighting: From his time in the Northgate rebellion, Aeliren learned to use the advantage of stealth, speed and opportunity as well as a number of underhanded tactics in combat to achieve victory over the stronger and better trained soldiers of the Gilnean army, and has no scruples in fighting dirty.
  • Durability: For an unafflicted Gilnean, Aeliren is surprisingly tough, having survived events that should have killed a regular human, such as the crash of the Spear of Decimation.
  • Demolitions Expertise: Aeliren was an amateur pyrotechnics and arson specialist during the Northgate rebellion, and he has since refined his skills. Amongst other things, he was capable of rigging the Grimsheer cannon to explode during the later parts of the Reclamation of Taenia.
  • Tactical Mind: Though he is by no means a master strategist, Aeliren has learned the subtle weaves of military tactics and strategy throughout his years of service and is typically amongst the strategists during war councils.
  • Languages: Common is the only language Aeliren speaks fluently.eaks fluently.


Aeliren is about average size, his height reaching roughly 6'1 feet and his weight being closer to 155 lbs. Even though he is in his early thirties, Aeliren still looks as if in his early twenties with very few, very small wrinkles starting to appear in his brow. His beard is trimmed in a small pinch, and he keeps his chestnut hair neck length.

His right hand, although usually covered with his clove, is covered with scars that give it a strange, ash-like colour up to slightly above his wright. Despite its appearance and texture, it is still otherwise a functioning limb.


Aeliren's usual garb is his uniform, in which he is rarely seen in public without. The worn grayish leather combat fatigues have seen better days, being covered with stitches. Nevertheless, it remains quite sturdy and has even been reinforced with a reforged titanic chitin plating, the fact that its owner is still alive being a testament to its durability and his Gilnean tabard proudly flowing in the wind. A brown satchel adorned with a Gilnean crest is usually found strapped across his body.

When not in uniform, he usually wears a fine brown silken jacket, polished bronze buttons lining it, his clothes neatly pressed. His shirt hangs a bit underneath his jacket, bound by a bright-colored silk belt.


The Last WishEdit

The Last Wish

The Last Wish.

The Last Wish is Aeliren's sword. Formerly belonging to Sir Taeric Callimere of Taenia, he claimed it after the knight's death as a personal reminder of the sacrifices made to reclaim the fallen earldom. The blade is made out of fine Moonsteel and is engraved with several runes that occasionally gleam with power. His weapon of choice, it is usually found hanging at his waist in its scabbard along with a small steel dagger.


A blade that was crafted by the Mistmancers of Rignweald that was somehow obtained at some point by Lena Acornsfield to be used as a spell focus, Aeliren acquired it from her after she gave it to the Blades as a sign of thanks for freeing her from demonic influence and uses it as his secondary weapon when dual wielding.

Rebel's BiteEdit

Rebel's Bite

Rebel's Bite.

Rebel's Bite is the name Aeliren gave to his pistol, a Gilnean designed flintlock. Formerly belonging to his father, Aeliren took it with him before leaving Keel to join the rebels. Despite its age, the pistol is well-maintained. The pistol is always on his person, holstered at his waist.

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