The Adventurers' LeagueEdit

The Adventurers' League is not only the largest branch within The Traveler's Society , but it is also the founding branch. The league strives to bring the Heroes of Azeroth together as one prodigious organization that is preeminent in it's resources. The society grew so large that it was divided up among four major branches, all of which are unique when it comes to objectives. The Adventurers' League is the ground basis of which the society is run. The league's primary goal is to preserve history and knowledge within the society, and to protect the society's resources.

The society also enables outside contacts to request assistance from it's trustworthy units. Travelers may volunteer for a number of quests, from simple tasks of exploration to full-on investigations, hunts, and other enterprises. Records of these adventures may be used statistically to gain more knowledge throughout the world when comparing notes to prerecorded data.

The Adventurers' League is led by Emissary Obscura Nightwhisper.

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