Aberdeen House is the Stormwind residence of the Earls of Aberdeen, located West of the Cathedral district. Overlooking Stormwind Harbor, the house serves as both an office and a personal residence when the house of nobles is in session. The present Countess plans to use the house as her primary residence while repairs are made to Aberdeen Castle.


Many of Azeroth's great peers maintained large Stormwind houses that bore their names, and Aberdeen House has been the Stormwind residence of the Earls of Aberdeen since the reclamation of Stormwind after the Second War. The home was largely used as the primary residence of the first Earl and his family when the house of nobles was in session, and played host to balls, political gatherings, and wedding receptions in the years that preceded the Third War. The house served as the first Earl's primary residence for the last fifteen years of his life, and Charles, Lord Aberdeen died peacefully in his sleep on his favorite sofa on the house's main terrace.

Like many of his peers, Charles McGowen chose renowned architect, Edwin VanCleef to design Aberdeen House. The terraced house consisted of a central living area, including the ballroom, flanked by service wings. At only two stories in four bays, Aberden House is not quite so grand as the residences of Stormwind's wealthiest aristocrats, but with its marble floors, exsquisite, hand-carved woodwork, and extraordinary stained glass windows, it is most certainly a beautiful home. Because of its now infamous architect, its estimated worth is in the millions, and the house is considered the Crown Jewel of the Earl's estate.

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