Aaron Douglas


Private of the Elwynn Brigade's First Regiment


0 L.C.


Stormwind Army




Reily Douglas (mother - alive) Chase Douglas (father - deceased)


A more concise and detailed portrait detailing Aaron's facial features.

Aaron Douglas is a long-time war veteran of the Stormwind Kingdom, and currently serves in the Elwynn Brigade within its First Regiment.  Aaron served in the later years of the Second War, and the entirety of the Third War.


If you were to ask any of the soldiers within his regiment, they'd call Aaron by his nickname; the Human Troll. They'd be referring to the fact that Aaron only has three full fingers on his left hand.  Caught in the midst of an ambush, an Orc managed to take Aaron's left pinky clean off, and his ring finger to the second joint.

Apart from that, Aaron stands six feet tall even, weighing in at roughly 200 pounds.  Being in his early thirties, age has just barely brushed its way to his facial features.  His hair color is a sharp bown that matches his rough beard which he keeps short and trimmed.  He carries an athletic build, as he is an active duty footman and is required to stay in-shape as part of his duties.


Currently a work in progress.

Present YearsEdit

Currently a work in progress.

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